Pennies & Apadmi

Apadmi announced a new strategic partnership with Fintech charity Pennies in 2023. The collaboration drives the integration of Pennies' innovative micro-donation solution into new businesses within Apadmi’s vast portfolio of clients.

Pennies is an award-winning fintech charity. Their mission is to protect and grow micro-donations, ensuring the public has digital means to contribute small amounts of money that are crucial for charitable causes. 

Benefits of the partnership

    Pennies are able to connect with a wider array of businesses through Apadmi.

    Apadmi can uphold their value of being ‘good people’ by helping to drive forward the micro-donation movement and support charitable causes.

    Help to unlock millions more micro-donations opportunities through partner businesses, creating real social impact for charity

    Chance to work with exciting new technologies.

Pennies logo

Apadmi and Pennies forge transformative partnership to boost the micro-donation movement

Apadmi is empowering retailers to integrate Pennies technology into their digital products to allow customers to donate spare change to charity. Find out what this partnership means to us and our clients.

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