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How we use data analytics to improve the dev process

Feb 28, 2020
Learn from our team about how they use data analytics to improve the dev process, informing the conception, development and optimisation of their products. We’ve always developed brilliant apps – but product development has changed since Apadmi began 10 years ago, and we’ve changed with it.  The growth of our internal data analytics and optimisation capabilities has created a demand amongst clients for the

Simplifying app security: safeguarding apps against user error

Dec 18, 2019
To round-off 2019 on our blog, we’re also tying up this year’s series on “Simplifying app security”, this time focusing on safeguarding apps against user error. Here, our Senior Consultant John Barker talks us through the security challenges that can crop up once your app is out in the wild… You’ve built your app and it’s time to launch, but have you thought about

Simplifying app security: what are the best app security measures for you?

Aug 01, 2019
In our penultimate instalment of our “Simplifying app security” series by Senior Consultant John Barker, we cover how to define the best app security measures for your app – what’s recommended, what’s essential and what’s totally dependent on your solution. If you’ve missed the other articles so far, start here. In an ideal world, you’d use every security measure available to you. But in

Simplifying app security: build a secure codebase

Apr 08, 2019
Our Senior Consultant John Barker is back with the next instalment in our “Simplifying app security” series – be sure to check out the first post here. Read on to discover how to build a secure codebase, and ensure your back-end network is safe from attack.   Leaky apps that have a badly-written code can release customer data without the user ever knowing, but

Simplifying app security: Getting started

Jan 28, 2019
We’re kicking off 2019 on our blog with the first of a new 4-part series: Simplifying app security. Our Senior Consultant John Barker will be delivering a step-by-step guide to securing your app’s valuable data, highlighting the key issues you need to address during and after its build.   Not all apps are created equal in terms of security – and even big-name brands