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    1. Apadmi Asks

      1. Apadmi Asks: Is the ubiquity of tech consistently useful?

      2. Apadmi Asks: What's next for technology in financial services?

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      1. Meet the Apadmi Performance team

      2. 10 questions for our Account Director, Mischa Gatti

      3. 4 ways to win at app accessibility

      4. 5 reasons to attend the Retail Technology Show

      5. Apple's latest announcements: delight or disappointment for mobile experts?

      6. Apple’s WWDC 2023: The good, the bad and the (virtually) ugly

      7. Apps from behind the wheel

      8. Are you investing in the right technology?

      9. Avoiding inertia with integration - more than just putting tech together

      10. Can apps be an antidote to the death of the third party cookie?

      11. Considering technology that supports and celebrates women

      12. Could Custom Product Pages be the key to increasing your app's download conversion rate?

      13. Customer experience in finance: How to be the best and beat the market

      14. Delivering pizza, personalisation and pounds in the millions

      15. Digital customer journeys for businesses using mobile

      16. Digital onboarding in banking

      17. Does less friction mean more fraud in financial services?

      18. Drowning in data: How to take control

      19. Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest account deletion guidance

      20. Everything you need to know from Google I/O 2023

      21. Far Out: What’s new in the 2022 Apple launch event

      22. Five considerations for how digital can deliver loyalty

      23. Gamification: How to take your customer experience from easy to epic

      24. Google is changing the way it calculates app ratings, and here is everything you need to know about it

      25. Highlights from Manchester Tech Fest

      26. How app development across various app stores uses security and privacy

      27. How Apple’s Live Activities are changing the app landscape

      28. How are digital products driving utility in the world of utilities?

      29. How dating apps have changed the way we find love (and how your users interact with tech)

      30. How In-App Events Can Improve Your App Store Optimisation

      31. How Product Page Optimisation could improve your app’s visibility and drive downloads

      32. How to break out of a tech rut

      33. How to innovate beyond tired legacy systems

      34. How to know if your customer loyalty scheme really delivers

      35. Introducing Laura Herbert, Apadmi’s new head of people

      36. Introducing Scott Threlfall, Apadmi’s new Digital Product Director

      37. Is the price always right? Choosing a suitable business model for your app

      38. Is the unbundling of financial services good or bad?

      39. Is your business set up for sustained growth?

      40. The App Store has updated its submission requirements, here’s everything you need to know

      41. The essence of a successful retail app

      42. The importance of discipline in delivering great digital products

      43. What role do mobile apps play in retail?

      44. What to expect from Google I/O 2022, here are our predictions

      45. What’s next for retail technology?

      46. Where to start with technology problems and how to solve them

      47. Why the tech industry needs to do more to attract and support LGBTQ+ talent beyond Pride Month

    3. Events

      1. Closing the pro'TECH'tion gap

      2. Digital loyalty: Can apps keep customers coming back for more?

      3. Evolving the mobile experience with the Co-op.

      4. Future proofing your tech strategy in 2024

      5. Leveraging data to improve product performance

      6. Webinar: Advance your app - How to finesse your app optimisation strategy

    4. News

      1. A great start to the year for the SailGP app

      2. Amplifying Co-op Membership with new app features

      3. Apadmi & Wattbike: Driving Innovation

      4. Apadmi and Co-op win the Best Ecommerce App

      5. Apadmi and Pennies forge transformative partnership to boost the micro-donation movement

      6. Apadmi and The Mobile Company - why we’ve come together

      7. Apadmi expands into Europe with new Netherlands office

      8. Apadmi invests in new childcare disruptor: Student Nannies

      9. Apadmi joins forces with The Mobile Company

      10. Apadmi makes Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023

      11. Apadmi marks its tenth year with huge growth

      12. Apadmi opens new tech hub in the heart of Edinburgh

      13. Apadmi partners with Neurodiversity in Business

      14. Apadmi Ranked as Clutch Top 100 Company for Fast Growth

      15. Apadmi selected to bring My First Five Years to life

      16. Apadmi teams up with EE to create network and innovation partnership

      17. Award wins and avoiding growing pains

      18. Building world class mobile experiences to increase consumer loyalty

      19. Domino’s Pizza dominates the digital fast-food landscape with launch of new app

      20. Everything You Missed From Our Voice Technology Event

      21. Fantastic new Edtech app gets great recognition from Apple

      22. Finding time for the future

      23. From Field To Fan: How Sport Is Reinventing Its Relationship With The People That Matter Most

      24. Learnings from the Co-op: Trends driving eRetail in 2021

      25. Making sure digital delivers for you

      26. Maximising mobile - why apps are no longer optional in retail

      27. MoveStreets selects innovation partner Apadmi to move the PropTech market

      28. Shared success with Very and Co-op

      29. Staying afloat in the sea of data

      30. The Future Of Connected Devices

      31. The problem-solving power of technology: 5 key takeaways from our panel discussion

      32. The return of APADFEST!

      33. Transforming Digital Health through Data

      34. Turning the UK pink and digitising organ donation

      35. Using tech to enrich sponsorships

      36. We’re Northcoders’ first Curriculum Partner!

      37. What our new office space means for us, our clients and you

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      1. Introducing our App Audit

      2. Who’s driving the digital change in financial services?

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    2. App Store Optimisation

    3. App store promotion

    4. Community management

    5. Complex system integrations

    6. Data science and analytics

    7. Digital transformation

    8. Innovation

    9. Mobile app development

    10. Monitor, support and maintain

    11. Product optimisation and conversion

    12. Product strategy

    13. Team augmentation

    14. Technology strategy

    15. UI design

    16. User research

    17. UX design

    18. Website development

  30. Solutions

    1. Identify the right technology stack

    2. Bolster my existing in-house teams

    3. Build a mobile app

    4. Build a web app

    5. Build on an initial idea

    6. Design a new digital product

    7. Develop a new digital product

    8. Get featured in the app stores

    9. Improve the conversion performance of my app

    10. Improving existing or legacy technology

    11. Innovate with technology

    12. Integrate mobile and web apps with other technology

    13. Manage my app reviews and ratings

    14. Raise the profile of my app

    15. Test design concepts

    16. Understand how mobile can help my business

    17. Understand my existing code base

    18. Understand the market landscape

    19. Understand user interactions

    20. Visualise my product idea

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      1. 2024 Software Engineering Internship (12 months) - UK

      2. Digital Product Owner - UK

      3. Digital Project Manager

      4. Digital Senior Product Owner - UK

      5. Front End Engineer - (React) - UK

      6. Lead Digital Marketeer - Amsterdam

      7. Senior Account Manager - UK

      8. Senior DevOps Engineer - UK

      9. Senior MuleSoft Developer - UK

      10. Senior Test Engineer (Automation) - UK

      11. Solutions Architect (Cloud) - UK

      12. Technical Project Manager

      13. Test Analyst

      14. Test Engineer (Automation) - UK

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