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What is an app audit?

The mobile channel is business critical for more organisations than ever before. An App Audit is an efficient and action-led way of reviewing your existing application.

An application audit involves a multidisciplinary team of experts examining every aspect of your current app, studying the design, technology and performance in line with your business objectives. An application security audit can also specifically identify and address any weak spots in your app’s security. 

The aim is to find opportunities for quick wins and longer-term improvements that will elevate your app and overall user experience.

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When to consider an app audit

There are many reasons why you might be interested in a mobile app audit. To avoid leaving your app to under-perform, undergoing an app audit as soon as you experience any of the below can avoid more issues further down the road.

Poor app performance

One of the most common reasons is poor app performance; if your app has slow loading times, or is plagued with bugs, this can quickly negatively impact your business. This provides for a poor user experience and can lead to uninstalls by frustrated users, potentially impacting your revenue.

Consistent negative reviews

If negative user feedback and reviews are mounting, an app audit can help you resolve the root cause and swiftly fix and improve the situation. Leaving negative reviews to mount can deter new users, and can negatively impact your visibility in the app stores.

Unable to handle growth

If you have had your app for some time, you may find that as your business grows and your users increase, your once new technology struggles to keep up with your success. If surges in users are causing crashes, or your functionality feels limited, an app audit can help identify technical and strategic opportunities to allow your app to grow with you.

Our process

Understanding your app

Our application audit process begins with a four-hour workshop with representatives from your team, and a product owner, UX designer, mobile lead and technical architect from Apadmi. We learn as much as possible about your goals, systems and current performance to inform the audit and help us understand your business. We also aim to understand your users, their current experience, and your desired user experience so we can identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Evaluating your app’s design, tech and performance

The next step is to undertake a thorough evaluation of various areas of your app. A UX & UI review will check if your current app is intuitive and accessible, and a source code review will ensure that the current solution and its dependencies meet best practice guidelines for that platform.

A mobile lead will audit application security and performance by considering things like risk and whether the system can handle peaks in traffic as your user base expands. We’ll also dive into analytics to identify the technical set-up against our analytics best practice guidelines.

Recommendations and actions for improvement

The final step is to create an actionable list of recommended improvements for both short and long-term focuses. This comprehensive report will cover all the areas that we evaluate and will also be presented to enable questions and any further discussion. We will then work with you to implement improvements; whether that means using our expert designers to enhance UX, further developing your product with our app engineers, or leaning on our product optimisation team to better promote your product in the app stores.

Our app audit services

There are a number of different types of app audits that we can carry out on your digital product, depending on your existing tech, the issues you are experiencing, and your wider business goals. These different services can be combined if you’re looking to tackle multiple issues and give your app a more comprehensive overhaul.

Technical audit

This audit is for tech that isn’t living up to your expectations in terms of elements such as speed or security.  Our mobile lead can and consider things like security risk, technical performance, and whether your systems can handle peaks in traffic as your user base expands.

Design audit

A UX/UI review can analyse how intuitive your product is to understand what users are experiencing and whether this matches your intended user experience. We also evaluate navigation and accessibility to further understand your current user journey.

Tooling audit

Assessing and evaluating the tools and software used in your app’s development, monitoring and maintenance process allows you to more effectively support your app’s lifecycle.  Clear documentation for IDEs, base SDKs, CI/CD products and dependency management all contribute to allowing your teams to scale and this will all be evaluated by our experts.

Code review

If you need to improve the overall quality, efficiency and maintainability of your codebase, an objective perspective of an experienced developer can help. A source code review will ensure that the current solution and its dependencies meet best practice guidelines for that platform.

App Store Optimisation audit

If your app is functioning well, but its visibility in the app stores is lacking, our ASO audit can help address this. We analyse your current app marketing strategy, research relevant keywords you may be missing out on, and identify relevant opportunities to use app store features such as Custom Product Pages and In-App Events.

Why choose Apadmi?

Our greatest strength is our decade of experience in best-in-class mobile application development and the complex technology solutions used to integrate with your business systems. No challenge is beyond the capabilities of our 250-strong team of mobile experts.

Because all our solutions are bespoke, we deliver a mobile app audit that considers the nuances of your business. Our evaluation and recommendations are uniquely tailored to meet your needs and align with your goals. With UX and accessibility also at the heart of everything we do, we ensure your mobile application is one that users will genuinely enjoy using.

Our app audit expertise is called upon by a wide range of businesses. We are trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s leading organisations, including household names Co-op and Domino’s, to suggest and implement valuable app updates and improvements.

What are the benefits of an app audit?

Improved mobile security 

Security is a consideration for any app collecting user data, especially for retail and financial services apps which may be used for purchases or transactions. By undergoing an app audit, we can find and rectify any security issues or risks in your digital product, avoiding potential security breaches in the future. 

Identify new opportunities 

An app audit isn’t just about finding the weak spots, it’s also about identifying opportunity. App audits can reveal areas of potential growth, room for new functionalities, and ways to improve your app’s visibility and conversion rates. We can then explore which innovative technology can then be integrated into your product to unlock this new value.

Enhanced user experience

By pinpointing areas where UX and UI can be improved, we can then optimise elements such as navigation, layout, usability and accessibility to create a more appealing product. Improving user experience can increase user engagement and retention.

The end result is just as we hoped - richer customer interactions, greater member satisfaction and now we can look at personalising those in-app user experiences.

Joel Godfrey Principal Product Manager, Co-op Digital

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