Apadmi and Co-op win the Best Ecommerce App

by Laura Lightfoot-Marketing Team

App developer awards 2021 award

Last night, the teams from Apadmi and the Co-op celebrated a win at the 2021 App Developer Awards, off the back of another year of innovation on the Co-op app. The high quality of the applications in this category is further signs that digital innovation is needed for the retail sector to keep evolving and adapting post-Covid. Apadmi became the retailer’s mobile app partner over 4 years ago with the main objective of kickstarting the Co-op’s journey into mobile.

The app underwent a successful re-marketing programme in September 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic and has since expanded its user base and boosted the membership offering. The duo have worked together to refine the app’s features with the Co-op’s large membership base in mind.

When the Co-op first selected Apadmi as their partner, they wanted a better way for their 4.3m members to manage their membership and engage with the retailer’s offerings, whilst digitising the membership platform.

Together, Apadmi and Co-op, built the Co-op app – a centralised solution for offers, community support and account management. 4.3m members later, the Co-op app has driven membership scheme interaction and donated over £15m to local causes through the Co-op’s community support schemes.

To gain industry recognition of the mobile solution in a competitive retail and eCommerce space is a credit to the team of specialists from Apadmi and the Co-op who have both spent many hours innovating and refining the app. Apadmi’s technical teams worked closely to integrate the app with the Co-op’s internal in-store systems and tills to provide a seamless user experience for members.

Apadmi have provided first-class mobile assistance including, audience and strategy consultation, systems integration, bespoke software development and app store optimisation support to get the Co-op app to where it is today.

Since its launch, the app has had 31 million app sessions and helped the Co-op’s members to save over £3m on their shopping per year. Although the duo couldn’t get together to celebrate the win, team members tuned into the virtual ceremony and enjoyed some drinks at home.

We’re absolutely delighted to receive this award for the work we have done with the Co-op. We believe it’s a testimony to the great things that can happen when experts from different industries work closely together to improve conditions for their customers and create technology that really moves people. We look forward to what achievements future collaborations with the Co-op will bring.

Garry Partington CEO, Apadmi

If you’re eager to find out more about the Co-op’s journey into mobile with Apadmi, watch our retail innovation masterclass that we recently ran with the Co-op’s internal team of product specialists and Apadmi’s Head of Product Marketing, Emma Allison.

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