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Connecting with your users is key for success

Active community management is essential, not only for retaining existing users, but also to acquire new ones. When done correctly, community management allows you to have a better understanding of your users and what they want. Having a carefully considered infrastructure for customer support will optimise your ranking in the app stores and increase your conversion rate.

Apadmi’s product marketing team ensures best practice when responding to app store reviews. We answer all new reviews within 24 hours and closely monitor their impact on your overall app rating. We ensure a seamless community management experience by crafting bespoke responses and gathering vital user feedback - which is critical in driving a strong product roadmap.

Our team identify every opportunity to turn negative reviews into positive ones, through help, guidance and positive, consistent communication. When working with the Co-op, we increased their app rating from 2.8 to 4.8-stars, from over 30,000 new reviews, which in turn improved their mobile visibility.

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Tapping into Apadmi's expertise in product marketing has given us a new perspective on how to increase engagement, optimise our app store listings, nudge positive ratings and how to respond to reviews in a way that turns potentially negative experiences into positive ones that boost the ratings for our users.

Joel Godfrey Principal Product Manager, Co-op Digital

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