I need to identify the right technology stack

Taking an informed and pragmatic approach to your technology ecosystem is the best way to ensure it stacks up.

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Our rich technology heritage means we’re able to rationally and authoritatively support our clients in finding the technology best suited to their needs.

But we also bring an air of pragmatism which is driven by a simple truth: to find the solution most likely to help unlock value and progress.

Our expertise across mobile apps, web apps, systems integration and cloud and data enables us to identify, develop and implement technology for all requirements.

We also include our clients every step of the way as that’s the only way to ensure solutions meet your goals.

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How we helped Big Issue North identify the right tech stack

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Working with our clients at Big Issue North, Apadmi advised around cost-efficient tech that would not only reduce the cost of maintainging the product, but also gave them more autonomy and control of the app for years to come.

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How do I identify the right technology stack?

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