Mendix & Apadmi

About the partnership

Mendix is a low-code solution provider with a history of superb delivery within different sectors. Their products make development, testing and deployment possible, without the need for in-depth coding knowledge. This gives Apadmi the opportunity to empower clients to maintain their own solutions.

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Benefits from the partnership

As we expand our client base, we work with clients with different tech abilities. Mendix is our key to:

    Giving clients the ability to manage, maintain, deploy and test their products without a full scale development team

    Offering industry leading infrastructure management to our clients,  underpinned by principles of cloud-native architecture, collaborative visual development and multi-channel user experiences

    Empowering clients to make the day-to-day development changes to their solutions without having to get in touch with us

Altogether, this benefits our clients in terms of scalability and easily keeping digital solutions up to date without having to set budget aside for it. 

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We can work together

As your digital partner we can connect you to a range of technical providers who work with us to build next level products and systems. Contact us today and we can help you to establish your needs.

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