Apadmi and Pennies forge transformative partnership to boost the micro-donation movement

Apadmi has announced a new strategic partnership with Fintech charity Pennies. The collaboration aims to drive the integration of Pennies' innovative micro-donation solution into even more businesses via Apadmi’s vast portfolio of clients.

A tale of two tech leaders

Apadmi design, develop and optimise mobile apps for some of the UK’s biggest brands and already work with some of Pennies' existing partners such as Domino’s, who have raised over £8 million for Teenage Cancer Trust since beginning their partnership. Apadmi also have a number of retail and hospitality clients who are yet to adopt Pennies’ technology.

Pennies logo

Pennies is an award-winning fintech charity committed to advancing the micro-donation movement. Their mission is to protect and grow micro-donations, ensuring the public has digital means to contribute small amounts of money that are crucial for charitable causes. To date, Pennies has raised over £48 million for 850+ charities and continues to strive towards enabling every consumer to effortlessly donate their digital spare change when making transactions.

Identifying new opportunities to support a worthy cause

Apadmi will introduce Pennies to key clients and then lean on their 250-strong team of mobile experts to provide support for businesses to smoothly and successfully integrate the micro-donation technology into their existing digital products. 

Pennies' tech offers an effortless means for consumers to make charitable contributions while making purchases through cards and digital wallets. Over the past decade, Pennies has facilitated over 190 million micro-donations, transforming countless lives and communities throughout the UK.

An exciting time to collaborate 

The potential for Pennies donations is huge. If every cardholder donated just 35p a week, it would raise £1 billion annually in micro-donations for UK charities, a goal that becomes increasingly attainable with strategic partnerships such as these.

“Apadmi is thrilled to be able to support Pennies in its valuable mission to make micro-donations an integral part of digital platforms. We firmly believe in the power of technology to drive positive change, and this partnership allows us to contribute to a meaningful cause,” said Garry Partington, Co-Founder and CEO at Apadmi.

If you would like to integrate Pennies technology into your digital product, reach out to our team today.

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