Understand user interactions

In order to fully understand the way customers interact with digital products, we can create a plan specific to your users through three main areas of focus.

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    Research - The first is understanding the user themselves. Who is the audience, what is their need and how do they benefit? At Apadmi, this begins with research through data, in-field studies and interviews.

    Test - People using a product is the best way to understand interactions. Our testing services can be deployed across numerous platforms and devices to not only create robust products, but also examine user behaviour and deliver feedback.

    Validate - The final step is to validate interactions through ongoing measurement and analytics to ensure they are driving the right impact.

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How we helped clients understand user interactions

Chelsea FC

Our work with Chelsea F.C included building an app that uses Machine Learning that can track movement and improvement when users exercise. The app delivers immersive football training that anyone can enjoy.

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