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HQWrexham, UK
SectorFinancial Services
Size200+ people
Client since2019

Key achievements

    Wave has been used for more than 2.5 million transactions at over 150,000 merchants since launch.

    99% of customers rated the Wave onboarding process as ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’*.

    98% of customers are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with Wave*.

    4.7-star app rating on App Store and Google Play.

*March 2022 CSAT survey


What you need to know

Chetwood Financial distinguishes itself from traditional banks by developing products that make people better off. Focusing on underserved markets, they use tech and innovation to create financial products to meet people's needs and to educate customers on how they can take control of their personal finances.

In 2019, Chetwood selected Apadmi to bring to life their new credit card app, Wave. Their ambitious goals included customers being able to sign up to the app, set up their account and receive access to a virtual credit card that is ready to use - all within 10 minutes. All this, whilst still giving the customer a branded user experience with a premium feel.

The goal was to create a cutting edge credit card app that is better to use, more secure and gives more back to the customers compared to the average credit card or lending service, offering people who need it a safe and reliable way to get access to money quickly.

Nobody needs yes-men in their lives when building an app - you never get the best product when you surround yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear. Apadmi challenged us and helped us reach further to do justice to the Wave app, and this achieved some fantastic ideas and outcomes.

Jenny Lomax Service Design and Delivery Lead, Chetwood Financial

How we moved the market

The Wave app and credit card is all about ease of use and a smooth user experience. But the team also challenged themselves by thinking about accessibility more than ever before, making design and development choices - such as supporting large font sizes and allowing customers to use screen readers - that ensured inclusivity.

It's also highly focused on customer engagement and is the first place users would go for anything they need. Adding valuable educational features such as the Repayment Calculator lets customers work out how much they can save by paying off credit card debt earlier. The teams have also reworked how "pending balance" is displayed to avoid any confusion and to make it clear, at all times, how much money a customer has left to spend on their card.

All of this is nicely packaged into a beautifully designed app, with integrated Apple Wallet/Google Pay, best in class security and single sign on, making it easy to navigate between devices.


Our Awards


The Wave app has won the following awards:

    App of the Year, Prolific North Tech Awards 2022Best Fintech Innovation, Prolific North Tech Awards 2022Best App, Finalist, Northern Digital Awards 2023Innovation Award, UK Dev Awards 2023Silver Award for App of the Year, UK Dev Awards 2023

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