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Creating products to impact organisations requires a wider view of your business and its stakeholders. Sometimes, you need to transform your ways of working in order to maximise this impact.

Digital business transformation does not have to be complicated; with the help of our multidisciplinary teams, we can build ideas and remove ambiguity. 

We facilitate a product roadmap that is right for your organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of adopting new technologies to transform your ways of working, a product or service. For many businesses, implementing digital transformation increases efficiency, improves customer experiences and drives more value as a whole. We use a collaborative consulting process which considers internal stakeholders and end users, with the aim of creating partnerships and solutions to keep your business moving forwards for the long term. 

Our core services and process

Digital transformation consultancy

Our digital transformation consultancy services help you pick the right technologies and ways of working to adopt to build a future roadmap that delivers business value and impact. We’ll collaborate with you to assess all available technologies and consider how adopting them can improve your business and customer experience.

Integrating new technologies

After our initial consultancy, we begin to work on integrating and/or building  out these new technologies. Whether your legacy system needs a full overhaul or you want to integrate AI, new ecosystems or partnerships; Apadmi has the technical knowledge to help you inject pace into your process of digital transformation.

Transforming ways of working

For some businesses, it’s not only technology that requires transformation; improving your ways of working can also help you achieve your wider goals. Introducing agile ways of working to your teams allows you to respond swiftly to change, as well as adapt to innovation more efficiently and effectively. Here at Apadmi, we can help you adopt agile ways of working with your tech to ensure your overall digital transformation remains successful and sustainable.

Transforming lives, digitally


The NHS approached Apadmi as its legacy systems were draining resources and causing costly issues. The process of organ donation involved lengthy paperwork, manual data entry and too much room for error. Nurses were scribbling notes on any piece of paper they could get their hands on and were struggling to spend time where they were really needed — with patients and their families.

In order to address these outdated systems, NHS Blood and Transplant used Apadmi’s digital transformation services to reduce paperwork, manual data entry and potential human error. Apadmi worked closely with key NHS stakeholders to design, build and deliver a digital solution that transformed the NHSBT’s ways of working; the DonorPath app, which is now used in more than 260 hospitals across the country. 

The live-saving central repository streamlines and centralises organ donor data for specialist nurses, removing the need for 132,000 pieces of A4 paper and saving the NHS up to £300K a year. 

The NHS continues working with Apadmi’s Performance team, helping to monitor, support and maintain this crucial piece of technology. The app is a powerful testament to the capabilities of Apadmi’s digital transformation services. 

Why Apadmi?

Our greatest strength is our decade of experience in best-in-class digital transformation solutions. No challenge is beyond the capabilities of our 250-strong team of digital experts. 

Because all our solutions are bespoke, we deliver a solution and strategy that is created with the nuances of your business in mind. This means that, unlike an off-the-shelf solution, the digital transformation strategy that we deliver for you is uniquely tailored to meet your needs. 

Our experts are trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s leading organisations. From retail giants such as Dunnes Stores to large healthcare organisations such as the NHS, our digital expertise is called upon from a wide range of businesses. 

DonorPath has enabled our Specialist Nurses to work in a truly mobile way – it’s transformed the way they work.

John Richardson Assistant Director - Organ Donation, NHS Organ Donation and Transplantation

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