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For over 12 years, Apadmi has led the way when it comes to digital product innovation. Here you can learn more about the journey so far and how the team has moved markets, boundaries and expectations along the way. The only constant is change....

About us

Where we are today

Apadmi creates technology to keep leading organisations and their customers moving forward. We do that by creating digital products which solve complex problems and deliver enriching experiences for people on the move across mobile, web and digital platforms.

Apadmi’s team of over 250 in-house experts work with our clients to define their digital vision, design and engineer transformational products.

Our work helps to solve business challenges for the likes of Domino’s Pizza, Co-op, NHS, Chetwood, BBC,  SailGP, Wattbike and Chelsea Football Club.

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We take pride in our mobile heritage

Our history

In 1999, our four co-founders created apps for the first ever smartphone, the Ericsson R380 while working at EMCC software. This deep expertise in mobile-centric solutions has powered the business until this day, and the four co-founders still lead the way. 

In 2009, Apadmi was founded in response to the iPhone (and soon after, Android) which changed the game forever.

Since then, much has changed with the company and we have experienced phenomenal growth, won multiple industry awards, welcomed new talent to the team, opened new offices in Edinburgh, Lisbon, Utrecht and acquired a sister company in Amsterdam. We’ve also expanded our expertise, evolving into a digital product organisation delivering much more than mobile.

But some things remain the same - our inherent desire to solve complex problems for growing organisations, our restless focus on generating results and our passion for creating ground-breaking experiences for our clients and their customers. 

Our history

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