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Life-saving application DonorPath removes paperwork and gives time back to specialist nurses in hospitals across the UK

ProductNHS DonorPath
HQLondon, UK
SizeLive in 260+ hospitals
Client Since2015

Key achievements

    An app which streamlines and centralises organ donor data for specialist nurses in the NHS

    18,000 forms submitted on the app every year, removing the need for 132,000 pieces of A4 paper

    The app is estimated to save the NHS up to £300K a year by not having to replace outdated laptops

    Reduced number of calls from Transplant Centres requesting additional information

    Crucially, the app supports 4000+ organ donations yearly, helping to save and improve 1000s of lives


What you need to know

Beyond the surgery itself, operations involving organ donors have the added complexity of time pressures, organ suitability and compassion for the bereaved. Families can choose to stop an organ donation, even if the deceased relative is a registered donor. Nurses want to support families through this extremely difficult time, as well as facilitating the potentially lifesaving process of completing an organ donation.

When the NHS approached Apadmi, the process was dogged by lengthy paperwork, manual data entry and left too much room for human error. Nurses told stories of running out of notepads, scribbling notes on paper towels and even on uniforms. Spending more time with patients and families was their absolute priority.

The result was the NHS DonorPath app, which is now used in more than 260 hospitals across the UK, saving time for specialist nurses, creating a central repository and ultimately saving lives.

DonorPath has enabled our Specialist Nurses to work in a truly mobile way – it’s transformed the way they work.

John Richardson Assistant Director - Organ Donation, NHS Organ Donation and Transplantation

How we moved the market

The DonorPath app has had a huge impact in hospitals across the UK, enabling the collection of 600 encrypted data points on the move, reducing paperwork by 70%, freeing up nurses time and most importantly saving lives.

Nurses use the app on iPads which they carry with them, minimising the potential for lost notes and enabling client information to be updated centrally in real-time. Apadmi continues to work with the NHS to continually improve the DonorPath app and its success highlights what technology can help to achieve across the healthcare journey.


Our Awards


The NHS DonorPath app has won the following awards:

    Innovation Award, Finalist, NHS in the North Excellence in Supply AwardsTransformation Through Technology, Prolific North Tech Awards 2019Best Application of Tech, Prolific North Tech Awards 2019Transformation Award, Big Chip Awards 2018Best App for Clinicians, Finalist, ehi Awards 2018Best App, Northern Digital Awards 2018

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