Amplifying Co-op Membership with new app features

While builders have been readying Manchester’s all-new Co-op Live music venue, opening in April ’24, Apadmi’s developers and app marketers have also been busy preparing the Co-op App to support the launch of pre-sale tickets to the UK’s biggest indoor arena.

Bolstering Co-op’s core brand values Co-op Live will be the UK’s most socially responsible arena, committed to sustainability with both the venue and partnership committed to making a positive impact – a collective effort known as ‘Gigs that Give Back’. 

This partnership also means Co-op will provide a host of exciting new benefits to Co-op Members, such as first in line access to tickets before general sale, ticket competitions, VIP experiences and other perks at the venue.  

With Co-op Live preparing to welcome world-renowned artists and their adoring fans, the Co-op App needed to support new functionality providing members with presale access to tickets.

One of Co-op’s wider purposes is to give value back to their members, so allowing Co-op members to be first in line for tickets at this state-of-the-art music venue and other venue-related benefits, is intended to ‘electrify Co-op membership’ – not only in terms of engaging existing members, but to attract new ones. 

Getting the app ready for the big performance

As part of our continued collaboration with Co-op, developing new features and functionality for the app is always an exciting prospect for the team of product owners, developers and testers at Apadmi.

While the proposition of the app needed to stay the same, updates were needed to allow members first in line access to Co-op Live tickets. One of the main tasks therefore was to ensure a smooth, stable and secure journey from the Co-op app to accessing pre-sale tickets by integrating with Ticketmaster.

Another big consideration accounting for huge demand when tickets for high profile artists become available. The team fully load tested the app to ensure the stability of the platform and minimal business impact.

Other general adjustments were made within the app including the addition of new assets, tailored copy and imagery to promote the launch and associated benefits. 

How are we amplifying Co-op’s wider marketing messaging?

The launch of Co-op Live has been highly anticipated, with plenty of buzz around who would be the first act announced. But before this announcement was made, Co-op needed to ensure they could maximise the new Co-op Live messaging whilst also amplifying all the many other member benefits.

Co-op leaned on our product marketing team and App Store Optimisation services for support to amplify the launch messaging.

To achieve this, we leveraged some of Apple’s most effective App Store marketing tools; In-App Events and Custom Product Pages. 

Co-op live app screens

In-app events are designed to increase the awareness of timely events such as competitions, major updates or premieres within your app. Users can discover your in-app events right in the App Store and they provide a brand new way to showcase your app and expand on brand awareness and reach.

Custom Product Pages allow you to create up to 35 additional versions of your app product page, where you can highlight a particular feature, seasonal content or specific content angle. Each custom product page can include variations of screenshots and copy - each also has an individual link to use in wider marketing activity that tracks numbers of clicks and downloads.

Both the In-App Event and Custom Product Pages needed to reflect the new  Co-op Live proposition in terms of branding, imagery and messaging. Apadmi’s experts created assets such as new copy and custom screenshots that would attract attention whilst ensuring users had a consistent experience across different channels and platforms.

Apadmi’s relationship with Apple also helped to ensure the In-App Event to promote the launch of Co-op pre-sale tickets was featured in the App Store. This helped to raise awareness by driving impressions, product page views and downloads.

The link to the Custom Product Pages was used across all Co-op marketing channels including social media, emails and affiliates. These unique links allowed Co-op and Apadmi to not only track just how many users downloaded the app via the Custom Product Page, but also how many new members signed up.

Custom Product Pages are perfect for tracking KPIs such as downloads and sign-ups to support the measurement of the campaign.

What’s next for Co-op and the app?

We can’t say too much yet, but there are lots more exciting performances to be announced. So if you want early access, head over to the Co-op app and be first in line.

If you’re interested in developing new features for your app, need help with systems integration, or want to acquire more users - contact our team of experts today.

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