Optimisation and conversion

Improving digital product performance

Delivering exceptional digital experiences isn't just about creating a great product. It has to be supported by the right blend of promotion, optimisation and ongoing measurement to make sure it's converting as intended. 

We help our clients' products realise their full potential by maximising visibility, downloads and engagement. We achieve this through app store optimisation, app store promotion and community management of reviews. 

Our app optimisation services support any stage of the user journey. Whether you need help getting more downloads or improving a key user flow within your app, Apadmi will analyse and iterate your product to increase its ability to convert. 

The benefits of an optimisation and conversion strategy

Apadmi’s app marketing experts can help improve app ratings and respond to user reviews, increase search visibility and get your app featured in editorial collections by Apple and Google.

Our aim is to create a complete picture of the way customers find, see and engage with your product to inform and implement recommendations which will maximise its visibility, functionality and ability to convert.

Continuously implementing learnings and feedback allows us to improve user experience as well as overall brand experience. Improving your app conversion rate is the ultimate goal, as this will allow you to swiftly achieve growth and start seeing greater ROI from your product


The Co-op app

Build, launch and beyond

Co-op relaunched their membership app in Sept 2020, utilising Apadmi’s App Marketing launch support services.

Apadmi optimised the Co-op Product Page Listing to ensure potential users could clearly and quickly understand the benefits of becoming a Co-op member. This involved keyword research to ensure the app ranked for search terms that would bring relevant users. Apadmi also created slick new assets for the page, whilst responding to reviews to let them know of the new and improved app features.


The app was ranked #1 Shopping App and #2 App overall in the App Store during launch week with over 1 million downloads in the first month. We maximised app visibility by securing several App Store collection features including; ‘Hot Right Now’, ‘Essential Apps’ and ‘Shop Smart and Save’. We also increased the app rating from 2.8 on iOS and 3.1 on Android to 4.8 and 4.7 with over 60,000 new reviews. 

Co-op continues to work with Apadmi’s app store optimisation experts.  We use features such as In-App Events and Custom Product Pages to increase the app’s visibility and improve conversion rate. Our collaboration is currently focussing on the amplification of Co-op’s launch of Co-op Live.

Why Apadmi?

Apadmi’s specialist app marketing team ensures your app stands the best chance of success when it launches. For existing applications, we can provide that much-needed boost to let your product truly shine. 

We take an iterative approach, meaning all of our recommendations are carefully mapped out,  tracked and monitored to ensure optimum results. From App Store Optimisation to Community Management, we offer a full optimisation and conversion service for your product. 

Our team are trusted partners for a range of business from start-ups such as child development app My First Five Years, to long-established financial service providers such as Charles Stanley, to retail giants such as Domino’s and Co-op.  


Apadmi’s product marketing expertise has given us a new perspective on how to increase engagement with existing and potential new customers, as well guiding us on optimising our app store listings, nudging positive ratings and how to respond to reviews in a positive way.

Joel Godfrey Head of Product at Co-op

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