Allowing 7 million customers to manage their accounts, on their terms

The first mobile solution created for UU lets customers pay bills, upload meter readings and view their payment history.

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The Brief

United Utilities is the UK’s largest privately listed water company, with an annual revenue of over £1.7 billion in 2018.

Not only did they want to give their customers more control over their accounts, but also transform customer communication, their internal operations and how they’re seen in the water industry.

The four core objectives were:
Make life easier for customers by bringing additional self-service into their core offering
Increase engagement with customers by improving their experience

Drive a digital shift within the business by creating a new mobile channel
Launch the first native app within water industry


The United Utilities Mobile App wasn’t just a first for UU, but also the first native app available within the water industry.
Every customer can now use the app and its intuitive UI to pay bills and check their payment history.

Taking and submitting a meter-reading is now all in the app, and because many water meters are in dark places, customers can use their camera flash to take a reading, snap a photo of it – in the same screen – and easily submit their details. Simple, but very effective.

Timing restrictions when contacting UU have been completely removed too, while the mobile experience is more engaging, streamlining the customer journey and removing time-consuming processes and forms.

For more of its features, check out this quick overview video…

The results

We hit UU’s first KPI – to gain 30k in the app’s first year – after just 10 months. Since then we’ve hit:

  • 73k registrations
  • 172k payment transactions
  • £7.5 million worth of bills have been paid using the platform
  • 44k meter readings have been processed

In under 18 months, we’ve managed to increase engagement with their customers, and support their shift to digital channels.

While UU’s active digital customer base has grown by over 146,000 (29%), now accounting for around 23% of their total customer base, there’s also been a 38% increase in digital channel sign-ups, supporting their shift to digital channels.

The United Utilities Mobile App already accounts for 10% of all self-serve payment transactions, and it’s driven down costs internally. With less resource tied up with payment processing and minor queries, more time can be dedicated to customers who have more complex issues, providing a better overall customer experience.

In September 2018, we launched an innovative “Report a Leak” function that allows anyone who downloads the app to report an issue quickly and efficiently.

Users can take a picture of a leak with their device, and using Google Maps integration, the exact location can be pin-pointed by the UU team.

This saves UU time, aids them in their efforts to reduce water wastage, and deepens customer engagement with the organisation. To date, 341 leaks have been reported via the app.

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“Our innovative “Report a Leak” function adds context issues, ensuring our team deal with leaks based on their severity, but it also deepens our customer engagement – a critical part of any business. We’re thrilled with the uptake of the United Utilities Mobile App so far – which has contributed to increasing our digital customer base by 146,000.”

Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Co-op Ventures