UX / UI Design

The basis for any exceptional app is an interface design that is intuitive, simple and engaging.

Our team of in-house designers are committed to the careful craft of mobile interfaces that are functional, feel natural to use and unite all technical aspects of the app UI design so that it is complimentary and logical.

Such apps can be commended for the quality of the user experience, often known as UX.

Our app designs are tailored specifically to each mobile platform and never follow a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Our mobile UI design is completely bespoke to your requirements.

By following UI style guides and best practices for user experience design (UX), our apps are not only logical but are also ingeniously creative, many of which boast cutting edge navigation, seamless transitions, imaginative animation and powerful imagery and graphics.

UX Design For The User

We don’t just speak to our customers when defining what an app should be, we talk to our customer’s customers.

This is part of a continuous review process that allows us to ensure we are always hitting the mark.

Ideas and plans may change throughout the process, but this continuous UX design review process ensures that we are always acting with the end-user in mind.

Integrated Interface Design Team

The UX/UI design team will work on the project from start to finish, offering insight into the consultancy process, right through to ensuring the agreed deliverables are present in the final product.

As we use an in-house interface design team, we avoid the problems faced by many who outsource their design. Our designers work with the consultants, development team and testing team to ensure their vision is carried throughout the project.

Enhanced UI Designer Documentation

Before we start any development, we produce extensive screen flow diagrams to help iron out the creases in the early stages.

There’s no sense in coding something that will need to be immediately changed, so we work with the client and their customers to ensure the design is right before committing to a single line of code.

We’re well versed in adhering to brand guidelines, so we will take steps to ensure the design is in keeping the brand design, including logos, colour schemes, layouts, photography and tone of voice.

We go one step further by helping companies to create or expand their existing documentation to ensure future work is completely on-brand.

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