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Intuitive design that delivers exceptional user experience

User experience design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful, relevant experiences to end users. When it comes to digital products such as apps, strong UX and UI design is key to building the foundations of a positive relationship with your users.

The Apadmi design team combines creative input, user objectives and existing guidelines to ensure our designs are capable of delivering brilliant experiences for the user which translate into business outcomes. Our design process considers the wants and needs of the user to create intuitive solutions to even the most complex of problems.

Our user-centric design process is a combination of user research methods, design best practice and technical know-how. We deliver all our design projects with an agile approach.

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What is UI design?

UI design focuses on the visual, interactive elements of a product. The aim is to build visually appealing digital products by considering elements such as colour palettes, typography, images and animations.

What is UX design?

User experience design is the process of designing a product or platform with the end user kept at the centre of the entire process. UX design considers the wants and needs of the user as a priority, ensuring that the end product provides a meaningful, effective experience.

Our core services and process

Whether you’re at the beginning of the design process, or you’ve got started but need expert support, Apadmi are here to help at every stage of the UX design journey from discovery to user testing.

Discovery: defining the journey

A Discovery phase can be carried in collaboration with your teams to define, validate and refine the problems your business is looking to solve.

Whether you have an existing app that needs significant design improvements, or you are just at the beginning stages of building a product, we help you define the design journey ahead.

Our UX and UI designers challenge assumptions and learn as much as possible about your users before agreeing the problem to be solved. In this stage we can implement user experience services such as user research, typical user flows and concept designs.

Collaborative, iterative design

We follow an iterative design process, making improvements based on user insights and doing this early and as often as practicable to maximise the benefit to your end product.

We add detail to requirements through collaborative refinement sessions with your teams. We also collaborate through creative ideation sessions where we quickly communicate ideas through for example, hand-sketching and paper prototyping. This approach means that ongoing designs can easily be reworked and improved through rapid client feedback where everyone in your team can actively contribute.

Good design principles are steadily worked into the design as it evolves, and accessibility is always kept front of mind as we progress.

User testing and feedback

Showing a prototype to real users to get their feedback is crucial to the UX and UI Design process. We carry out thorough user testing to optimise designs, ensuring they deliver the desired user experience whilst also solving your business problems.

Possible options for user testing include in-person testing in our dedicated lab observed by client stakeholders, guerrilla usability studies for quick feature-level feedback  or remote usability studies (both moderated and unmoderated).


Award-winning design that delights users and drives business

Chetwood turned to Apadmi to design and develop their new credit card app, Wave. They needed an innovative product that would allow swift, frictionless onboarding without compromising on a premium look and feel.

Apadmi’s UX and UI designers welcomed the challenge and used their user-centric approach to design a cutting-edge app that is easy to use but seamlessly aligned with Chetwood’s existing branding. The team also ensured accessibility was a big part of the process, making design choices such as supporting large font sizes compatible with screen readers, to allow for more inclusivity.

98% of Wave customers are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the app,showing both Chetwood and Apadmi that the design and development of the app was an overall success. Wave also won App of the Year, and a Silver Award for UX Design at the UK Dev Awards 2023, further proving the effectiveness of our collaboration. 


What does the design process look like?

All projects begin by understanding the end user, followed by using audience insights to inform initial design sketches, wireframes and flow maps. Finally, our designers work closely with our technical engineers to ensure the technology can support any functionality decisions.

How will investment in UX and UI help my product?

Apadmi’s rigorous design process ensures we can make iterative improvements to your product. These improvements will allow your product to be as user friendly as possible, increasing user engagement and enjoyment.


What you’ll get from a partnership with Apadmi

A product designed to suit your business needs

All our mobile solutions are designed to address your specific business goals. Unlike off the shelf products, all our mobile apps are designed bespoke to help you achieve the results you want.

A product designed to suit your customer needs

Our user-centric design process means that our unique mobile solutions will always delight your customers. A custom-designed app will also help your brand stand out to customers in a crowded market.

Consultancy from true experts

Our UI/UX designers support you with expert guidance and advice at every stage of the design process. With over a decade of experience, Apadmi is a mobile design company that you can trust.

The benefits of our UX & UI Services

Apadmi's UX/UI design services offer a multitude of benefits for delivering a mobile app or website. Our expertise lies in seamlessly blending user experience and interface design, ensuring an intuitive platform for end-users. With meticulous attention to detail, we create aesthetically pleasing interfaces that also enhance functionality. Apadmi's focus on user-centric design guarantees an app or website that resonates with your target audience, encouraging stronger user retention. 

Our approach fosters fluid navigation, simplifies complex features, optimises interactions, resulting in a product that delivers unparalleled user experience. Using Apadmi’s UX/UI design experts guarantees a user-friendly platform that stands out in today's competitive digital landscape.

We are leading mobile app developers in Manchester

Apadmi is founder-led and we’ve spent the last 15 years building a powerful legacy of being a people first business, and we would not be what we are today without our colleagues, past and present.

We’re good people

We’re open, honest and respectful of each other and we all play for the team with one common goal. Working alongside our clients we take genuine ownership, ask challenging questions and become extensions of their teams.

Driven by performance

We’re motivated by impact, results-obsessed and determined to be the best. We start with impact and work backwards to shape our products around business outcomes. We’re powered by data and insights to inform decisions.

Positively Proud

We’re proud of the work we do, our clients, our people and the difference we make in the communities around us. 

Up for the challenge

We’re excited by complexity, thrilled by opportunity and energised by solving problems. Our technical heritage enables us to simplify the complicated, whether it’s legacy technology or entirely new digital products.

Constantly inquisitive

We’re guided by curiosity and always looking to push the boundaries of technology. From strategy to engineering, we’re always looking for the best ways to drive products forward for our partners. 

An end-to-end service

From conception to delivery, we create integrated, device-agnostic technology for leading brands and organisations across a range of sectors.

“Apadmi’s people are sharp, passionate, talented in their field and importantly, they share our vision for the app which they helped us define and develop. With Apadmi as our digital partner challenged with turning those ideas into reality, we are confident the app is best-in-class.”

Jennie Johnson MBE CEO, My First Five Years

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