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Whether you’re looking for a complex web app build, a traditional website, or a back office admin portal, our web development experts can handle a wide range of web development needs. 

With the evolution of cross-platform web applications extending the reach of app-like experiences, web apps are becoming increasingly popular. They are just one of the website development services we offer here at Apadmi to deliver best-in-class experiences for your customers and end users.

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What is web development?

Web development involves a meticulous blend of coding, design, and content creation to craft an impactful online presence. From intuitive user interfaces to seamless navigation and responsive design, building a website that not only looks impressive but also delivers positive user experience is crucial for many businesses. Whether you need to develop a brand-new website, or revamp an existing one, our team combines creativity with technical know-how to bring your vision to life.

Our web development process

As all our solutions are custom built to suit your business, our processes can be moulded to fit your needs. However, our process usually follows the process of discovery and define, design and develop, maintain and optimise.

Discover and define

We define your product vision by spending time in discovery sessions to gain insight into your users and any existing tech you already use. We take the time to understand what problem your product solves, how it drives your business and serves your customers. We can review and refine your product strategy, carry out user research, and help guide you in defining your web offering.

Design and develop

Our expert web designers take the time to build out tangible concepts and wireframes so you can see your product come to life. The next step is to build the concept, rigorously test, and finally develop your website so it is ready to launch.

Maintain and optimise

Once launched, we remain on hand for website maintenance. Our Performance team can support you with everything from harnessing user data and insights to further understand your users, to monitoring the website and addressing potential issues before they impact your business. We can continue to optimise your product with user insights to keep your website relevant and competitive.

Our services

Guidance on platform selection

With such a wide variety of platforms out there, the first challenge many businesses face is choosing the right technology for them, their product, and end user. Apadmi’s experienced web development team provides guidance on web platform selection and creation. Starting with your objectives, we take pride in challenging the status quo to choose the best technology for where you’re heading.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) offer a flexible and scalable cross-platform alternative to native applications — albeit without access to all the same features. Our experts have a wealth of experience in delivering PWAs for a range of businesses, so no matter what your goals, we can confidently deliver a cross-platform solution that works for you.

Custom website development

We understand that every business is unique; creating a bespoke website that reflects this allows you to stand out. Our experienced developers work closely with you to create custom web solutions that align with your brand identity and objectives. Apadmi’s custom web development services include delivering a complete product, with the option for continued support and maintenance to keep your product performing.

Bespoke web development for growing insurers

Dayinsure provides short-term car insurance for drivers needing fast, efficient coverage on the go. Dayinsure approached Apadmi to rejuvenate both their existing app and website as business grew. Whilst they had their own in-house team and initial designs, Dayinsure leant on Apadmi’s website development services to support in the delivery of a sleek, responsive website.

The result was a website that created a frictionless user experience, one that was a significant improvement from Dayinsure’s previous website. The new website allows users to effortlessly purchase car insurance as needed, with both Google Pay and Apple Pay integrations to speed up the process. 

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Why Apadmi?

Our greatest strength is our decade of experience in building complex technology solutions that address your challenges and accelerate your business growth. No challenge is beyond the capabilities of our 250-strong team of experts. 

We offer customisable solutions that work best for you, with the nuances of your business in mind. This means that, unlike an off-the-shelf solution, your product is uniquely tailored to meet your needs. With UX and accessibility also at the heart of everything we do, we ensure your website or web app is one that users will genuinely enjoy using. 

Our expert web developers are trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s leading organisations. From customer-facing sites to corporate comms, our web development expertise is called upon from a wide range of businesses.

What you’ll get from a partnership with Apadmi

A website built to suit your business needs

All our digital products are built to address your specific business goals. Unlike off the shelf products, all our websites are designed bespoke to help you achieve the results you want.

A website built to suit your customer needs

Our user-centric web development process means that our unique web solutions will always delight your customers. A custom-designed website will also help your brand stand out to customers in a crowded market.

Consultancy from true experts

Our web developers support you with expert guidance and advice at every stage of the process. With over a decade of experience, Apadmi is a website development company that you can trust.

Our expertise

Our expert web developers work with a range of platforms and frameworks to give you the flexibility to build a completely bespoke website with the functionalities you need. 

We specialise in working with content management systems such as Contentful and Amplience, and frameworks including React, Angular and Next.js. We can create websites with bespoke features, or use component libraries to speed up development as and when you need. Our web developers can also integrate your website with Google Analytics so that you can get the most out of your website data and insights. 

Our website development team has a wealth of experience in building customer facing websites, static websites, SaaS platforms, corporate websites and back office applications such as admin portals.

Why build a custom website for your business?

Improved brand identity

A custom-built website allows your business to stand out in a crowded market. By tailoring unique designs and including your own branding, you can better convey your company's messaging and offering, creating a more memorable online presence.

Enhanced user experience

Because custom websites are crafted with your audience in mind, your website will directly address your customer needs, making it more appealing than generic, off the shelf websites.

More scalability and flexibility

Custom-built websites are scalable, allowing for easy integration of new features, functionalities, or changes as your business grows  and develops. This flexibility ensures that your site can evolve alongside your business needs. 

Excellent security and reliability

With security a huge priority for both customers and businesses, a custom-built website with custom coding and security protocols can better safeguard your site against potential threats. Our Performance team can also help your website to avoid any downtime, so you can be sure that your customers can always access your platform.

Analytics tracking

Custom websites enable the integration of advanced analytics tools to better allow you to better understand user behaviour, track traffic sources and measure conversions. The valuable insights can then better inform your wider strategies and allow you to make effective iterations when further developing your web offering. 

Apadmi shares our drive and has the team to power our new digital products, with the right blend of mobile app developers, designers and web and system developers.

Duncan Ross CTO, Chelsea Digital Ventures

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