Product strategy

Great strategy means great products

Strategic product development is key to customer success and delivering impact.

We work with you to define measurable business outcomes, understand your customers through user research and data analysis, unlock technology opportunities and develop a product strategy that will create extra value for your organisation.

Our strategy leads and product team use various frameworks to identify customer needs to ensure that every client has an achievable product roadmap that will deliver real business impact quickly.

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What is a digital product strategy?

Whether a mobile app strategy or website strategy, the outcome is the same - a plan for your digital product that is easily understood by the whole team.

Strategic product development ensures that all user needs are considered and business objectives are defined and documented. It considers team and technology capabilities to create an agile product roadmap that allows clear prioritisation and focus of tasks. Simply, great product strategy means you will achieve your short and long-term business goals effectively and efficiently.

Our core services and process

Our clients start working with us at different stages  - from an initial idea to a very clearly defined plan. We can help at every step. 

Strategic Consultancy

We’ll bring in-depth industry knowledge, market insights, and technical expertise and work with you to shape effective mobile app and technology strategies. We will help you find informed answers to the big questions; How will mobile transform my business? What is the commercial opportunity? How will it best monetise? Is the technology and team ready to scale? What is the best way to reach our business goals?

Research and Discovery

Discovery determines success. We’ll dive into market insights, your data and your competitors. Our user research team will conduct interviews and surveys to identify key customer needs and pain points. Our strategic discovery defines the product’s purpose, core features, user journeys and measures of success.

Product Roadmap

We’ll work closely with you to create a product roadmap that will deliver impact from the first user release. It will consider dependencies, organisational requirements, user expectations and is split into key phases. Each phase will detail specific tasks, features and milestones. The product roadmap is the blueprint that keeps everyone aligned with the strategic goals. 

Product strategy for online retailer

The Very Group are a family of digital retail brands, with a massive online presence on both app and web. The Very app, developed by their in-house team, was functioning well, but Very realised they needed support when it came to product strategy to increase loyalty.

Apadmi's product and strategy teams helped Very to develop a new customer loyalty proposition, which included a set of new features for the app across iOS and Android. This project required working with UX prototypes, technical architecture and high-level solution designs to develop the new loyalty proposition.

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Why Apadmi?

Our greatest strength is our decade of experience in best-in-class mobile expertise. No challenge is beyond the capabilities of our 250-strong team of mobile experts. 

Our product strategy process is tailored to your business needs, and our solutions are always bespoke. We ensure that, unlike an off-the shelf solution, your product is uniquely designed, developed and optimised with your business nuances in mind, as well as ensuring your digital product is one that users will genuinely enjoy using. 

Apadmi's product strategy experts are trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s leading organisations. From retail giants such as Domino’s Pizza, Very and Co-op to large financial service providers such as Charles Stanley, Argos Financial and Chetwood; our app strategic expertise is called upon from a wide range of businesses. 

What you’ll get from a partnership with Apadmi

A product strategy to address your business needs

All our product strategies are designed to address your specific business goals; we create a product roadmap specifically tailored to help you achieve impactful results.

A product strategy that considers your customer needs

At Apadmi, we always put the end-user at the centre of everything we do. Our user-centric approach ensures that the product strategy we develop will take your customer needs into account. 

Consultancy from true experts

Our product strategy experts support you with guidance and advice at every stage of the process. With over a decade of experience and leading brands as long-term clients, Apadmi is a product strategy partner that you can trust.

The benefits of product strategy

Allocate resources effectively

By defining and understanding each phase of the product strategy, you can allocate the correct resource and the correct time, avoiding costly mistakes or confusion in the future.

Be more aligned with your goals

A defined strategy ensures that you’re not only addressing customer needs, but you’re also aligning more effectively with your goals. By mapping out precisely what you need your product to do, you can track achievements and progress towards these goals.

Increase innovation, reduce risk

Defining your product vision reduces risk of failure, and gives you clear parameters in which you can move forward. You will also be able to respond more efficiently to market changes with responsive innovation.

We are leading mobile app developers in Manchester

Apadmi is founder-led and we’ve spent the last 15 years building a powerful legacy of being a people first business, and we would not be what we are today without our colleagues, past and present.

We’re good people

We’re open, honest and respectful of each other and we all play for the team with one common goal. Working alongside our clients we take genuine ownership, ask challenging questions and become extensions of their teams.

Driven by performance

We’re motivated by impact, results-obsessed and determined to be the best. We start with impact and work backwards to shape our products around business outcomes. We’re powered by data and insights to inform decisions.

Positively Proud

We’re proud of the work we do, our clients, our people and the difference we make in the communities around us. 

Up for the challenge

We’re excited by complexity, thrilled by opportunity and energised by solving problems. Our technical heritage enables us to simplify the complicated, whether it’s legacy technology or entirely new digital products.

Constantly inquisitive

We’re guided by curiosity and always looking to push the boundaries of technology. From strategy to engineering, we’re always looking for the best ways to drive products forward for our partners. 

An end-to-end service

From conception to delivery, we create integrated, device-agnostic technology for leading brands and organisations across a range of sectors.

Apadmi’s people are sharp, passionate, talented in their field and importantly, they share our vision for the app as they helped us define and develop our thinking.

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