Data science and analytics

Our data science specialists use the power of data to help our clients understand how their technology is performing, how their users are behaving, and what can be done to maximise the potential of their digital product.

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Data Analysis

Our team of data experts have many years of experience of interrogating data and have the skills to deliver insight that will allow you to make data driven decisions. Whether it is ad-hoc queries, building reusable analytics for monitoring KPIs & key user journeys, or doing deep dives into your data to help you discover the unknown unknowns, we are here to help.

Data & Analytics Audits

Data may have been described as “the new oil”, but it’s only valuable if it’s relevant and can be used to help influence business decisions. Our team of experts can perform an analytics audit on your product to determine if you're getting the right insights from your current setup. We can also perform a data audit that maps out all of the data you collect, the pipelines that process this data, how your data is currently being used, and whether you are GDPR compliant. Once this is done we will highlight any issues we have noticed such as data silos or data that is not currently being utilised and come up with a plan to help take your strategy to the next level.

Data Visualisation

We provide rich, interactive data visualisations from multiple sources, customised for your specific needs. With tailored dashboards, we ensure that KPIs and insights are always available at your fingertips.

Optimisation and Conversion

Data findings and learnings can consistently be used to drive decision making, empowering us to effectively increase conversion rates and reduce churn through continued optimisation.

Why Apadmi?

Too much data can quickly become debilitating. Apadmi's ethos of always moving forward means we keep our data science approach as simple as possible. We use data to better understand user behaviour and make more informed decisions about how to continuously improve the products we build.

Apadmi can make your data more manageable and use it to make your product more effective.

We do that through a range of different data services including visualisation through a tailored dashboard, the creation of data lakes for consolidation, deep analytics reviews and machine learning models.

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We really wanted to challenge ourselves with how we present the content and data coming off the boats and show it in a way that truly enhances the fan experience

Russel Couts, CEO, SailGP

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