User research

Understanding your users’ complex needs and journeys

Our team of experts take the guesswork out of design and development by carefully analysing your digital products, looking for opportunities to enhance and improve user journeys.

We use a variety of both qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect and analyse behavioural patterns, providing invaluable insights that can positively influence your product roadmap. Our robust recommendations and solutions are then implemented for customer centric improvements, allowing your products to stay competitive in their respective markets.

Apadmi’s collaborative approach means that our User Researchers work closely with our internal teams and your key stakeholders to ensure the users’ needs are considered every step of the way.

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What is User Research?

User research involves gathering data from your users to understand their behaviours, needs and preferences when using your product. The process can involve a number of different methods, depending on the type of data you want to collect, as well as the volume of data you need. This can involve conducting interviews, surveys, observations and user testing to gain insight into customer experiences and user journeys.

Our core services

Analyse and Outline

To ensure we maximise the effectiveness of our User Research, we first identify problems that may be holding your product back from reaching its full potential. We carry out a number of activities to define issues; from Analytics Reviews to App Review Analysis, we gather in-depth insights to analyse UX flaws. We then create and outline a fresh concept for your product along with a UX prototype. 

User Insights and Feedback

We carry out a comprehensive amount of research using a range of methods including User Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Diary Studies and more. This allows us to better understand your user needs and behaviours; allowing us to understand where your current product may be failing to meet user needs, and to design an improved visual prototype based on real user insights.

Review, Test and Implement

We thoroughly review all insights and feedback to shape our recommendations. We use iterative cycles of improvement based on feedback from real users, continuously testing new prototypes. From A/B testing to usability testing, we ensure your UX is fully optimised; all whilst working closely with Product and Development teams in collaborative sessions to maximise impact upon eventual implementation.

Why Apadmi?

Apadmi’s specialist User Research team are passionate about unleashing latent value from your digital product, as well giving your users the best experience possible with your brand.

Our recommendations are thoroughly researched, tested and tracked with an iterative approach. Our User Research team work closely with the entire development team, ensuring value is consistently added to the entire development lifecycle. With the ability to gather an extensive amount of user feedback, you no longer have to guess what your user needs, saving your business time, money and inconvenience. 

Our design team are trusted partners with a number of businesses from retail, financial, edtech and sports sectors. We work with the likes of local startups such as My First Five Years, as well as retail giants such as Argos and Domino’s. 


What you’ll get from a partnership with Apadmi

A better understanding of your users 

With up to 55% of consumers not returning to an app or mobile website after having a poor experience with them, better understanding your user wants and needs is essential to avoid user churn and increase retention. Our thorough user research methods ensure you can truly understand what your customers want from your product.

A product designed with your customer in mind

Our user-centric process means that our unique mobile solutions will always delight your customers. We can make robust recommendations for your app or website as a result of our user research services, as well as help you implement technical changes where needed, to create a product customers will find genuinely useful.

Consultancy from true experts

Our user researchers support you with expert guidance and advice at every stage of the process. With over a decade of experience, Apadmi is an app user research business that you can trust.

The benefits of user research

We are leading mobile app developers in Manchester

Apadmi is founder-led and we’ve spent the last 15 years building a powerful legacy of being a people first business, and we would not be what we are today without our colleagues, past and present.

We’re good people

We’re open, honest and respectful of each other and we all play for the team with one common goal. Working alongside our clients we take genuine ownership, ask challenging questions and become extensions of their teams.

Driven by performance

We’re motivated by impact, results-obsessed and determined to be the best. We start with impact and work backwards to shape our products around business outcomes. We’re powered by data and insights to inform decisions.

Positively Proud

We’re proud of the work we do, our clients, our people and the difference we make in the communities around us. 

Up for the challenge

We’re excited by complexity, thrilled by opportunity and energised by solving problems. Our technical heritage enables us to simplify the complicated, whether it’s legacy technology or entirely new digital products.

Constantly inquisitive

We’re guided by curiosity and always looking to push the boundaries of technology. From strategy to engineering, we’re always looking for the best ways to drive products forward for our partners. 

An end-to-end service

From conception to delivery, we create integrated, device-agnostic technology for leading brands and organisations across a range of sectors.

Nobody needs yes-men in their lives when building an app - you never get the best product when you surround yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear. Apadmi challenged us and helped us reach further to do justice to the Wave app, and this achieved some fantastic ideas and outcomes.

Jenny Lomax Service Design and Delivery Lead, Chetwood Financial