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Transforming critical ways of working for organ transplant specialists with TransplantPath

ProductNHS TransplantPath
HQLondon, UK
Impact3,700+ transplants annually
Client Since2015

Key achievements

    New, efficient, standardised process for accepting or declining organ donations

    Estimated to save 61 days per year in manual processes, an average time saving of 29.5 minutes for every organ offer

    438 logins within the first 24 hours of launching live

    More secure, user-friendly product that protects patient data

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What you need to know

In the world of organ transplantation, every second counts. NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) recognised the need for a transformative solution to simplify and speed up the process of evaluating organs and sharing crucial information among transplant professionals. NHSBT had previously worked with Apadmi to build award-winning digital solution ‘Donorpath’, and trusted us to help them build another life-changing piece of technology.

The existing system in place for the transplant process was expensive to maintain, not user friendly and not as secure as was necessary. With time being of the essence in organ acceptance, NHSBT needed a new piece of technology to standardise information sharing, enhance accessibility and boost the overall efficiency of the transplantation process. Transplant Path’s goals were to provide a reliable and user-friendly application, that offered secure, easily accessible information.

Everyone is incredibly impressed with Transplant Path. Thanks to the team at Apadmi, the technology is of the highest quality with impressive speed and functionality.

Laura Ellis-Morgan, Head of Product, NHS Blood and Transplant

What we did

Effective collaboration was key to success in building this piece of technology. Apadmi and NHSBT worked together to pool expertise and resources to create TransplantPath. This collaborative approach allowed both teams to develop a tailored solution that addressed the unique challenges faced by transplant professionals. The pair also included Microsoft in initial early architectural design discussions, to see how best to leverage their latest technologies to come up with a reliable, scalable solution. Throughout development, key stakeholders were kept in the loop, constantly assessing and giving feedback on Apadmi’s progress to ensure it aligned with NHSBT's objectives and met the needs of transplant professionals.

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How we moved the market

The result is a product that enables quick decision-making by simplifying the process of accepting or declining organ donations, being able to record media to support organ donation offers, and finding the right donor for recipients. Although in the early stages of launch, Transplant Path is already making a big impact, with even greater success to come. With 438 logins within the first 24 hours of launching live, it is clear that specialists within NHSBT are swiftly adopting and utilising the new technology.

It is estimated that Transplant Path will save 61 days per year in manual processes, with an average time saving of 29.5 minutes for every organ offer. This means quicker decisions, better organ utilisation rates, and ultimately, more lives saved. Feedback from NHSBT staff has been overwhelmingly positive with the product already being praised for its user-friendly interface, quick access to information, and high-quality images.

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