Systems integration

Keeping the technology talking

The best digital product in the world is useless, unless it can talk to the rest of your digital estate. We remove complexity across technology stacks to deliver best-in-class, fully-compliant solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Our system integration specialists work to integrate new digital products for our clients which are performant, secure and cost effective whilst being low impact on existing, business-critical solutions.

This can be as simple as a middleware solution linking APIs, or as complex as breaking up larger existing systems to create smaller, more defined and extensible workflows which unlock new potential within the platform.


I don’t need lots of paper anymore, and if anyone else is entering data at the same time, it all gets synced on a server. It’s a great example of how technology can aid the NHS in a genuine and positive way.

Deborah Vernon, Specialist Nurse, NHS Blood and Transplant