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Apadmi has worked with both public and private healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as a trusted technological partner.  We have the expertise to start, lead and drive a digital innovation project that will help clinicians use the full range of their skills, reduce bureaucracy, stimulate research and enable service transformation.


Client Spotlight


Empowering specialist nurses with tech

We built a bespoke healthcare app for NHS Blood and Transplant, which saves nurses valuable time that they can spend caring for patients and the bereaved. It removes the need for manual data entry and allows nurses to update data whilst they work, capturing valuable information in the moment.

Here are some of the app's achievements:

    Reduces 25% of duplicated work for specialist nurses

    Gives the ability to capture 600 data points, which are then updated across the NHS

    Used in 260 hospitals across the UK


Improving access to medicine

The Co-op Health app first launched in May 2019 and was built to make ordering and collecting your repeat prescription easier. Later on, Apadmi also integrated the ability for customers to set up a secure connection to their GP within the healthcare app.

    The app has had over 22,000 downloads

    It took over 9600 orders every month and allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions in a secure and streamlined way

The tech was so popular that it was acquired by Phoenix Medical to become Hey Pharmacist, which we have supported in their transition period.

Our Partners

When you partner with Apadmi, our partners become your partners. We have strong relationships with market leaders to make sure our clients get the newest and best solutions.


We're not like the other tech companies


Apadmi focuses on digital solutions that really make a difference there and then. We also consider how the products we make can help with the efficiency, safety, sustainability, performance and management of sports and sectors that are dependent on the use of stadiums for years to come.

So why choose us?

    We specialise in complex systems integrations and the power of the platform

    We’re trusted by significant brands to deliver fully compliant digital solutions

    Our technology solutions are driven by results

    We care. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients to become extensions of their teams

DonorPath has enabled our Specialist Nurses to work in a truly mobile way – it’s transformed the way they work.

John Richardson Assistant Director - Organ Donation, NHS Organ Donation and Transplantation

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