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Usability testing: recognising and adapting to different user personalities

May 21, 2020
You only need five users to run valuable usability testing. According to Jakob Nielsen, testing more users usually doesn’t lead to more insights. But even those 5 people will probably have very different personalities, and as a moderator, you have to be prepared to deal with all of them during each usability testing session. It’s easy to forget about the normal, everyday people who

So…working from home!

Mar 20, 2020
Four weeks ago today, our entire team (apart from a few enthusiastic volunteers) worked from home whilst our HQ was packed up, loaded onto a van and moved across the water to Anchorage. We’d spent the past few months gearing up to “Moving Day”, making sure we had the tech we needed and the right procedures in place to make sure the whole business

How we use data analytics to improve the dev process

Feb 28, 2020
Learn from our team about how they use data analytics to improve the dev process, informing the conception, development and optimisation of their products. We’ve always developed brilliant apps – but product development has changed since Apadmi began 10 years ago, and we’ve changed with it.  The growth of our internal data analytics and optimisation capabilities has created a demand amongst clients for the

A great start to the year for the SailGP app

Feb 13, 2020
As SailGP heads towards the first race of its second season, we’ve had another great week showcasing the SailGP app we built together. Tuesday saw our CCO Matt Hunt and our CSO Marcus Hadfield present the full mobile fan experience to a room of European football’s digital leaders. They demonstrated how the multiple layers of fan engagement and data streaming within the SailGP app

‘A coding education like no other’: our Northcoders graduates

Jan 31, 2020
We became Northcoders’ first curriculum partner last year, and since then, we’ve now welcomed 6 Northcoders graduates to our team through their placement scheme. We caught up with them on life so far as part of the Apadmi family… Northcoders is the UK’s leading coding school. They offer a continuously evolving curriculum to capture the latest industry developments, in-house career advice and bespoke training.

The “Winner Winner” of our Christmas Dinner campaign is…

Jan 17, 2020
Homelessness in Manchester was higher than any other local authority in England and Wales in 2017, with over 123 people being faced with hunger over 2018’s Christmas period. Across the city, many don’t have access to regular hot meals each day, a warm place to sleep or good sanitation – let alone a Christmas dinner.  This year, we chose to support the homeless community