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Agile working in the NHS

Oct 23, 2018
Our Business Analyst Cat Jones joined the NHS for their Big Room Planning Event recently – read on to discover large-scale agile working, and the real-world challenges posed by digital transformation. What is the Big Room Planning Event? The NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) Organ Donation & Transplantation (ODT) team follow a lean agile working methodology called The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As part

The right way to build a tech business

Sep 20, 2018
What’s the right way to build a tech business? Having helped to build Apadmi from the ground up, and since then working with many entrepreneurs and digital start-ups, we asked our co-founder and CEO of Apadmi Ventures Howard Simms.   So far on this blog I’ve covered the wrong way to build a tech business in a lot of respects. So, what’s the right way?

Apadmi awarded ‘Large Digital Agency of the Year 2018’

Sep 14, 2018
Some of the team just arrived back from London with new friends, sore heads and – to our massive surprise – the Large Digital Agency of the Year award. The last year has been a big one for us with some exciting work, lots of new faces and a lot of graft. So, to be one of the winners (and in such great company)

What is a progressive web app?

Aug 30, 2018
Native, hybrid and now the progressive web app – with so much confusion over app development platforms these days, our Chief Technical Officer Adam Fleming continues his “What is…” series with a look into this recent buzz-term in mobile development.   A Progressive Web App (PWA) is another great example of tech being re-born. Whilst there’s a lot of noise around PWAs right now,

Howard Simms is now an honorary Doc! And he’s got some advice

Aug 28, 2018
Wow! We couldn’t be prouder of Howard, our co-founder and CEO of Apadmi Ventures who recently received an honorary Doctorate from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Howard left Leeds University with a Maths degree in 1993 – never imagining that almost 30 years later he’d be in a cap and gown once again receiving an honorary Doctorate in Technology (DTech). But it’s massively well-deserved. The

Your roadmap to post-launch app success

Jul 31, 2018
The hard work doesn’t stop after the app launch date – it’s really only the beginning. If you’re unsure of your app promotion strategy or how to maintain and support your app as it evolves, here are three key steps you should follow. 1. Start measuring success after app launch Go back to all those original reasons you built your app – what were