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Simplifying app security: what are the best app security measures for you?

Aug 01, 2019
In our penultimate instalment of our “Simplifying app security” series by Senior Consultant John Barker, we cover how to define the best app security measures for your app – what’s recommended, what’s essential and what’s totally dependent on your solution. If you’ve missed the other articles so far, start here. In an ideal world, you’d use every security measure available to you. But in

The GM Future of Health Challenge is on!

Jul 03, 2019
When UP Ventures and Novartis asked us to be part of their innovation programme, the GM Future of Health Challenge, we couldn’t say ‘Yes’ quickly enough. Health, innovation, technology, start-up, scale-up. And Greater Manchester. That’s pretty much everything we love. What is the GM Future of Health Challenge? It’s an accelerator programme specifically in healthcare. The immersive 12-week programme (beginning on 10th September this

A day in the life of a… HR & Recruitment Officer

Jul 01, 2019
Our ‘Day in the Life’ series takes an insider look at a variety of Apadmi’s roles – today we’re focussing on life as a HR and Recruitment Officer. There’s a huge breadth of roles within technology – designers, developers, project managers, BDMs, and the list goes on. No one has a greater insight into that area than our human resources team – without them,

Endurance sport tech: making sense of performance sensors

Jun 24, 2019
In the second post of this series, our Chief Technical Officer Adam Fleming chats about performance sensors in the world of cycling, swimming and running – what data you can collect, how that’s evolving and what could be next.   “Sport science” is a term that’s been around for a long time now – it usually carries connotations of white-coats and clip-boards, with high-performance

Driving tech change in healthcare

Jun 14, 2019
As it’s World Blood Donor Day today, our Business Analyst Cat Jones is considering Manchester’s investment into health, and what’s driving tech change in healthcare.   Right now, Greater Manchester is the only place in the UK with an advanced healthcare devolution deal. Over the next 10 years, as part of the Greater Manchester ‘Our People, Our Place’ strategy, Manchester aims to create a

Endurance sport tech: an emerging sector from the new mid-life crisis

May 24, 2019
In a couple of months, our Chief Technical Officer Adam Fleming will be attempting an Ironman triathlon – but during his training, his combined passion for sport and technology has opened his eyes to the world of endurance sport tech out there. In the first of his 4-part series, he’ll deliver an industry expert insight on this emerging sector. A few months ago, I