BBC iPlayer Radio

Creating the iPlayer radio app for the world’s most famous broadcaster.

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ProductBBC iPlayer radio app
HQManchester, UK
Size50m listeners
Client Since2012


Mobile app development
Product strategy
Customer experience
UI design
UX design

Key achievements

    Helping the BBC to shape the future of digital radio 

    19 radio stations in one interactive media hub

    The app was downloaded more than 2 million times

    Winner of Best Mobile App and Best Application of Technology at the Big Chip Awards in 2012


What you need to know

Being the oldest broadcaster in the UK and an international symbol for trusted, quality content, the BBC wanted to remain at the forefront of the way people consume radio content in the face of rising competition from the likes of newcomers Spotify and Apple Music.

The goal was to transform how people listened to the radio with a simple, intuitive digital product which could bring to life the depth of available audio content. The BBC approached Apadmi to build a modern, forward-thinking media platform, which in addition to all the BBC radio channels, would also host exclusive features such as podcasts and interviews.

The result was an app which brought a whole new experience to users by combining immediate access to live streaming as well as an archive of on demand content. It won several awards, but also brought to light how radio has a unique place in people's hearts.

A must-have app for all radio-loving iPhone users, BBC iPlayer Radio brings to your fingertips a wealth of great free radio content. This is a great app!

PC Advisor iPlayer Radio Review, November 2012

How we moved the market

The BBC iPlayer radio app centered on users choosing their listening by spinning a traditional radio dial to adjust both the station and volume. Listeners could also look back and forth in the radio timeline, check out live track information, pull clips from their favourite radio shows and use an alarm function which integrated with the clock on their device.

The reception was fantastic, with more than 2 million users downloading the app and it becoming a mainstay of the iPlayer portfolio. Having built the iOS version of the app, Apadmi then gave the BBC the tools to take the app in-house for maintenance and further development work, including building the Android equivalent.


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