Collating radio content from across the UK into a digital format for mobile consumers

Using creative UX design and technical expertise to execute an app that changed the way millions of people tuned into their radio content

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The Brief

With millions of listeners tuning in every day, the BBC knew their radio stations were missing a crucial engagement element.

They were keen to create a new way of connecting with their audience – they approached us with the task of building an app that address this.

A modern, forward-thinking media outlet, the BBC wanted us to transform the way millions of people consumed their radio content – with all of it in one easy-to-use platform, with exclusive features, podcasts and interviews.

What we did

The BBC gave us their designs, and our developers built engaging features such as the radio timeline, the ability to see live track information in real-time, and pull clips off the user’s favourite radio shows.

The BBC iPlayer Radio app brought together 19 stations’ worth of content on one platform, and we included a highly-responsive scrolling dial to streamline searches.

Our testers ensured the app recognised the positioning of the user’s finger, before calculating the speed and momentum of the dial rotation to mimic a real-world experience. The resulting animation delivered an immersive yet simplistic feature for users.

The results

The BBC iPlayer Radio app has been downloaded over 2,000,000 times.

After being a huge success with listeners, it went on to win ‘Best Mobile App’ and ‘Best Application of Technology’ at the Big Chip Awards for that year.

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“A must-have app for all radio-loving iPhone users, BBC iPlayer Radio brings to your fingertips a wealth of great free radio content. This is a great app!”