A next generation app with a world-first fan experience, for a new global sports league

A world-first fan experience app that allows fans to truly personalise what they watch, bringing them closer to their favourite sport than ever before

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The Brief

SailGP is a brand new global sports championship founded in 2018 by Larry Ellison and Sir Russell Coutts. Its aim is to redefine the sport of sailing.

A unique nation versus nation format with the best sailors in the world where national teams compete in identical F50 race boats – the world’s most technologically advanced hydrofoiling catamarans.

Apadmi’s job was to match the innovation on the water with a second screen experience that allows SailGP to capture a new global audience and put fans in control of the way they consume SailGP.

SailGP was starting from scratch and so the objectives were simple. Build an audience from the first day of the first race and prove that never-before used technology was possible, stable and scalable, by:

  • Creating a never-been-seen-before second screen app experience to build a global audience
  • Appealing to established sailing fans as well as a brand new audience of people who are new to the sport
  • Streaming eight different video streams, in real-time, from across the world
    Being as relevant to fans at the live event, whether they’re watching TV or just online


And – not insignificantly – we had to deliver this unproven, brand new technology to a very short and very fixed deadline of the first race. There was no margin for error.

The Solution

We started with the second screen app experience.

There are 1,200 data points that deliver real-time data about the boats and their crew, per boat, per race. We had to make sense of all that data in an intuitive, simple and flexible way – the SailGP APP shows boat speed, direction, wind speed, tack angle and a lot more in a visually appealing, compelling way for the fan. It’s not just numbers.

To appeal to sailing fans old and new, we had to provide an experience that would work for everyone – from avid sailing fans through to sports enthusiasts with no knowledge of the sport. We allowed users to choose from Advanced and Basic views.

New fans saw simpler views, with educational visuals for all data points. Experts could configure the data dashboard they wanted, and hone in on specific data from the boats, even comparing the top two teams side-by-side.

But we also wanted to ensure that the SailGP APP remained relevant for live, TV or online audiences. So:

  • Fans at the event could use the app as a complement to the live experience (2nd screen). Working with SailGP’s official partner Oracle, we combined Oracle, LiveLine and Tata technology to ensure very low latency, so that what they could see with the naked eye, they saw on the device, as close to real-time as possible – a world-first.
  • For TV viewers, we gave them boat cams and boat data, whilst ensuring that the app in each region would correctly restrict feeds to those allowed by the broadcaster.
  • The app had to work hardest for fans who only watched via their phone or tablet. This is where our unique visualisation of boat data still combined to make it a compelling experience alongside video streams.

The Results

The SailGP APP was live for the first race in 2019. By the second race we had 20,000 downloads and it’s growing quickly. This is just the start.

There is nowhere to hide in live sport – the pressure was on us to deliver an innovative, world-leading app that mirrored the technology, disruption and ambition of SailGP.

We’ve built a platform that makes the Championship even better for fans, and will grow as SailGP does.

Visit our app development service for more information regarding our award-winning processes.

“We were delighted to work with Apadmi on the SailGP APP. Fans are in full control of the way they consume the world’s fastest on-water racing, with the ability to personalise the boats, camera angles and data that feature in their feeds. We’re immensely proud of our mobile application. This isn’t just a first in our sport, we don’t believe there’s any other sport that gives as much data as we’re collecting to the public in a live environment and allows fans to customise their viewing experience. We also have some really exciting developments for the future and like our revolutionary F50 foiling boats, we will continue to evolve the app to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology.”

Chief Technology Officer, SailGP