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Utility providers are consistently under pressure to deliver excellent customer service, with consumer expectations higher than ever thanks to a high digital standard set by today’s leading brands across many sectors.  

Rising prices, environmental pressures, regulation changes and customer promiscuity are just some of the pressures facing utility companies. And while the outlook may be different between energy, water and telecommunications businesses, there is one key area which could help to create more consolidation - the need to digitise.

Apadmi helps leading utility providers digitise their processes to reduce costs and increase customer retention. One of the most popular solutions are self-service apps that enable utility customers to manage their account, share readings, explore tariffs and report service issues. Our high-quality, easy to use apps reduce operational costs for businesses whilst improving customer experience. 

Apadmi adds more functionalities into mobile apps for utilities that will unlock further value for your business and customers. Whether you need to cross-sell or up-sell services with offers to change tariffs or move to meter based energy, our mobile solutions make these functionalities easy for customers to use.

United Utilities

A sector first for the water industry

case study-united utilities-app-1

United Utilities needed to improve customer experience with greater access to billing information and clearer communication whilst creating a tool which could be used by the internal operations team to assess customer satisfaction and track reports of water leaks.

As the first native mobile app for the water supply industry, Apadmi was breaking new ground in terms of functionality and user expectations for the sector. From submitting meter readings in the dark (with the help of an automatic torch) to reporting a leak, paying bills or getting in touch with customer services; the app has a brilliant range of functionality. 

Our collaboration together resulted in:

    Facilitation of over £7.5 million in bill payments

    29% growth in the active digital customer base

    10% reduction in internal costs through self-serve payments

Latest insight

How are digital products driving utility in the world of utilities?

Rising prices, environmental pressures, regulation changes and customer retention are just some of the challenges facing utility companies.

And while the outlook may be slightly different between energy, water and telecommunications, there is one key area creating positive change for all - mobile customer experience.

Digital and mobile platforms are impacting the utility industry in many ways and help to strike an important balance between solving business problems and meeting customer needs.

Getting that balance right is essential to improve customer relationships in a sector where brand love isn’t anywhere near as high as it should be given the critical nature of the heating, power, water and connectivity services being provided.

In this article we examine the three main areas where digital products are making their presence felt.


How Apadmi creates ground-breaking mobile apps for utility providers

Whether at the start of their digital journey or further along the line, Apadmi supports utility providers to build and optimise their apps.

Our strategy teams help to navigate the direction you want to take your product, considering competitors, technology options and more. Our user researchers can also advise on how to develop your product in line with customer wants and needs. Our design experts ensure your app meets the broadest accessibility and consumer needs from a user experience perspective. 

Apadmi’s development and test resources can work across a broad range of mobile and back-end platforms. In order to ensure the end-to-end business process is complete, we carry out thorough systems integration.

Finally, Apadmi’s Performance team keeps the app live, operational and updated with no down time, a crucial factor for utility providers wanting to allow customers to access 24/7 support and account management.

Our innovative “Report a Leak” function adds context to issues, ensuring our team deals with leaks based on their severity, but it also deepens our customer engagement – a critical part of any business. We’re thrilled with the uptake of the United Utilities Mobile App so far – which has contributed to increasing our digital customer base by 146,000 customers.

Denise Maskew Customer Digital Manager, United Utilities

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