Easy-to-use account management features optimised via smooth UX design

Working with a UK-leading retail brand to deliver the My Argos Card app – a mobile platform that drives customer engagement and boosts brand loyalty

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The Brief

Over 1.5m customers spend over £700m in-store and online using their Argos card.

Argos wanted to create a My Argos Card app for this service that would give customers the ability to manage their account, their credit limits and payments – all increasing customer engagement. Argos also wanted customers to be able to receive regular personalised offers through the mobile app, driving loyalty.

At the same time, the app needed to reduce calls to customer service centres working close to capacity, and provide richer data insights for the business.

What we did

We worked with Argos to deliver an end-to-end consultancy; product vision workshops, minimum viable product (MVP) definition, UX/UI design, development, testing and – ultimately – the successful launch of a self-service iOS and Android app.

Critical to the app’s success was integration with existing business-critical legacy IT systems. We helped Argos design a bespoke piece of middleware to sit between the application layer and Argos’ financial systems.

The mobile app launch was just the start of the solution though – since then, we’ve worked closely with Argos to optimise the app, introduce new features and explore how we can continually innovate.

The results

The app had 544,000+ downloads in its first year alone, and has 500k+ active monthly users.

The mobile solution has helped drive a 66% increase in transactional value over the past six months, and reduce fraudulent activity by 72% compared to non-digital channels.

It continues to be the biggest account servicing payment channel in terms of value and volume for Argos Financial Services. And with 30,000-40,000 new registrations every month, this will only increase.

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“The app has been a phenomenal success, becoming the biggest payment channel within our company a month after its launch”

Channel Manager, Argos