My Argos Card App


A convenient and interactive store card management app to view your Argos credit and purchasing account.

In early 2016, Apadmi created My Argos Card in partnership with one of the largest retailers in the UK. The app lets users view their credit account, apply for a larger finance limit and also tailors rewards, money-off vouchers and exclusive Cardholder competitions
Apadmi developed the app to turn your phone into a high-level store card management device. With the ability to view more than just an Argos store purchase, the app can help manage outstanding finance and allows you to increase your credit limit with immediate effect.
The app offers colour coded credit reporting for individual items, allowing My Argos Card users to keep track of all recent transactions. In addition, the app allows for faster payment instalments directly from your smartphone, and has convenient credit reminders for when you are due a payment or are nearing your credit limit. Customers can also receive tailored rewards and discounts based on their previous Argos shopping history.

“We really enjoyed working together with Argos to create something unique and original - I don't know of a competing store card app that is also a credit manager. The app is a joy to use and was really exciting to create. ”

Nick Black

CEO of Apadmi

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