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Recent data shows that mobile apps drive 3.5x higher conversions and 3x lifetime value over their mobile web counterparts - numbers which are hard to ignore. At Apadmi, we know how to unlock value with high-quality mobile app development, but also understand the challenge of finding the right people to make that happen.

Recruiting quality digital experts is challenging. With over 250 mobile experts to call on, we are able to swiftly collaborate with your teams to inject pace and experience, helping you realise more value faster. Whether you need one developer, or a whole, our team augmentation services allow you to add true mobile experts to your team. 

Apadmi’s developers follow best practices to work seamlessly alongside your current teams and drive your app ambitions forward.

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What are the benefits of team augmentation?

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Adding new mobile experts to your team comes with a number of potential benefits for you, your people, and your business.

Recruiting experienced developers, testers or other project critical roles can be challenging in today’s market. Our staff augmentation services allow you to avoid delays created by long recruitment processes, allowing you to get your projects moving at the pace you need. 

Team augmentation is also a great way to fill knowledge gaps in your teams, also allowing your staff to upskill and learn from an expert.

Our core services

Bolster your teams with experts

We can fill any gaps you may have in your existing structure. Whether you need support with strategy, product ownership, design or engineering, our experts are here to help. We can support your in-house teams to help you reach your goals at a pace that ensures business success.

Providing direction and delivery

Our approach to team augmentation isn’t stagnant; we go above and beyond to offer expertise and advice with appropriate direction for your product. This allows us to not only strengthen your team in numbers, but also to help improve your longer-term process, product and business future.

Upskilling your teams

While seamlessly integrating with your teams, we are able to share our breadth of knowledge to allow them to continuously upskill. This is crucial for future-proofing your own people and business. Working collaboratively with people who have vast experience in upskilling clients’ teams is the best way to upskill your workforce.

The Very Group

Bolstering teams to deliver retail app excellence

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Apadmi started working together with The Very Group in August 2021 when the retailer was struggling to hire key mobile skills. 

Apadmi were able to provide experienced mobile developers to strengthen their internal teams and ensure their mobile app development projects were delivered swiftly and successfully. 

By providing two engineers and two testers to help with engineering and QA development, we were able to create a test automation suite for changes to the Very app. Very’s internal teams gave positive feedback on Apadmi’s team augmentation services, with particular praise for Apadmi’s project management skills and the regular updates and visibility over the progress being provided.

Why Apadmi?

We recognise you might not need a whole product delivered, just the right digital partner you can trust to accelerate your progress and ambition.

Apadmi is a long-standing partner to leading brands in financial services, retail, healthcare and sport. Those partnerships range from initial strategic reviews of team set-ups to augmenting larger multidisciplinary teams.

Having worked with large organisations like Co-op, Domino’s, Very Group, and Vodafone, Apadmi’s approach to team augmentation is about understanding where we can have the most impact and provisioning collaborative expertise to drive projects and businesses forward.

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“Apadmi’s expertise in mobile app development is outstanding. I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on. They’re responsive to our needs and adaptive — it was easy for them to come in and work within our team and culture.”

Neil Memmott Head of Technology, The Very Group

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