Augmented reality app to deliver brochure content and sales tool to support global launch of the Lexus IS

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ProductLexus IS Series app
HQEpsom, UK
Size13,000 cars sold in 2020
Client since2015



Key achievements

    Immersive app created to support global new model launch for Lexus

    360-degree augmented reality experience

    Used in 35 countries and translated in 27 languages

    Optimised for multiple locations and environments including on and offline

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What you need to know

The vision for the Lexus app was to create a truly immersive experience which would bring the new Lexus IS to life virtually. In the competitive luxury car market, where customers are time poor and spoiled for choice, the app needed to create an experience which could explain the complex technology behind the Lexus IS in a simple and easily digestible way, while also acting as a sales tool.

Apadmi created an app which gave customers and salespeople x-ray vision of the product from every angle. This allowed them to explore the design, interior, features, mechanics and engineering of the vehicle - both with retailers and in their own time. And crucially before the physical product had arrived in showrooms.

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Working with Lexus gave our team the ability to utilise their skills and expertise with Augmented Reality. At the time, it was a ground-breaking project, stretching the boundaries of the buyer journey and establishing the impact tech can have on a sales journey.

Nick Black Apadmi Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

How we moved the market

The Lexus IS app delivered an entirely new experience for retailers and customers both in showrooms and remotely around the world. In order to deliver a 3D augmented reality version of the car, the app downloaded and stored data locally and Apadmi balanced the need for high quality visual and audio files with application performance and UX.

It offered 360-degree augmented reality, enabling customers to rotate the view of the car in any direction, change the colour, wheels and add in optional extra interior and exterior features. Unlike the more traditional print brochures, content changes, such as prices or specifications, could also be updated automatically.

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