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Technology in business: why mobile is a 2021 priority

Jan 14, 2021
Mobile technology was an essential asset in 2020. Quickly implemented mobile systems maintained the viability of countless companies in a post-Covid world. In a matter of weeks, global business underwent a historic digital transformation, with data suggesting a five-year-jump in digital adoption for both business and consumers. For the first time, companies were forced to realise the potential of technology in business both internally,

Native mobile app development in 2021

Jan 07, 2021
Mobile apps are projected to generate over $693 billion in 2021. With numbers like that, it’s easy to get caught up in a mad dash to build an app – but how can you avoid ending up with a finished product far removed from what’s right for your business?  At Apadmi we have over 20 years of experience delivering app solutions, and we see

Ethical data capture using mobile technology

Dec 14, 2020
Over the last decade, we’ve seen our ability to capture data grow exponentially – almost every device in our homes is capable of some form of data capture and experts believe the trend is only going to continue with as many as 900 million data capturing connected devices in our homes by 2021.  With all of this data available, companies are finding increasingly powerful

2020: The year your clients started caring about digital wealth management

Dec 10, 2020
Digital wealth management technology is nothing new, but in the most turbulent financial landscape for almost a century, it’s vital for building and maintaining trust.  2020 is the year customers have taken stock and thought about both their financial plan, as well as how they want to interact with their financial companies.  The new normal presents fresh challenges and opportunities – at Apadmi, we

Utilising connected devices for huge business growth

Dec 09, 2020
Without a doubt, mobile technology has changed our lives for the better. Today, connected devices stand to do it all over again with a new generation of technology.  What does a connected device mean in 2021? Connected devices are physical pieces of tech with the ability to form a network with other systems and devices via the internet. Traditionally, the term applied to hefty

Internal communication strategies: considering mobile

Dec 01, 2020
How important is communication within your business? Whether you’re a small company of a dozen workers or a massive worldwide corporation, we’re willing to bet it’s one of your top priorities. From sharing knowledge between coworkers to supporting the culture of your workplace, internal communication is critical. But when was the last time you looked at your internal communication strategy? According to a study