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Mobile apps: Native vs cross-platform

Sep 22, 2017
Not sure if you should be developing your mobile app natively on each platform, or if you should be considering a cross-platform (hybrid) option which you’ve heard might be more cost effective to do? Then download our eBook to find out: What’s the difference between native and cross-platform apps The pros and cons of each option If there’s really a cost difference between them

11 tips for great form design for native mobile app

Aug 29, 2017
Forms can be the bane of many a user’s (and company’s) life. The mere sight of a lengthy form is enough to turn away even your most die-hard of brand advocates. When it comes to mobile apps, the task of teasing information out of people becomes even harder; after all, if they’re on a mobile, chances are they’re on the go and their time is limited. The

10 top tips for a successful enterprise app

Feb 01, 2016
It is well documented that the app industry has long been dominated by the needs of the consumer. The market that exists for consumer apps is huge, with over 75% of the 75bn app downloads that exist to date sitting within the consumer realm. Yet, in more recent years, another burgeoning market has come to light – in some ways this is very predictable;