How to be a UX Designer we want to hire

Marcus Duffy, Apadmi’s Head of UX and design, gives a few tips on how to stand out as top UX designer – especially if you want to join our team.

It’s the old ‘building a house’ analogy.

You’re looking for an architect to design a new house.  It turns out there are a load out there – how do you pick one?

Boris’s website shows photos of all the cool houses he has designed – and they look great.  You ask to see some example blueprints, but Boris doesn’t have anything to show – he says he doesn’t keep all that stuff.

Doris’s website explains her process and shows you concepts, rejected ideas, sketches, plans, models, blueprints and photos of some of her finished houses.  Big high-resolution images at multiple angles, showing all the details.

Both of them would design you a beautiful-looking house – that’s a given.  Who do you hire?

Doris, obviously.  So why does Boris think his approach is okay?  Probably because people still hire him – his designs look great.  But we’re not going to take it on trust that there’s nothing wrong with the plumbing…

The house analogy is used a lot for apps and websites.  Get the design right and your plumber (developer) won’t have to re-route pipes (write loads of extra code) around an inconvenient concrete beam (badly thought-through functionality).  Of course, we’re really talking about UX.

So how does a talented designer who is looking to be hired show they can do the important UX bit – the thinking, the design behind the visuals?

For us, it’s simple – show us all aspects of your work, not just the finished visual designs.  Show the process and the thinking.  The scraps of paper.  The notebook sketches, the flow diagrams, the wireframes and the prototypes.  Your beautiful design portfolio is incomplete without them.

Yes we’re hiring, Doris.