Machine learning and AI with Manchester Digital

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the media, but not many people realise just how much of an umbrella term it is.

With the rise of a generic ‘AI’ hype in the press, I attended a round table event last week hosted by Manchester Digital, along with many other experts from digital companies across the city, including PWC, iProspect, the BBC and N Brown group. We discussed what AI really means for Manchester; here are my thoughts…

Fusing Ideas Together

Rather than speculate about AI, we need to start thinking about its concrete uses – specifically, the use of bots, machine automation for personalisation and natural language processes spring to mind.

These are all simple implementations of tech which would allow us to create improved, reactive experiences for customers. We have some exceptional companies in the region who deliver marketing solutions – are we ready to take the next step and fuse these ideas together? I strongly believe we are.

Apadmi Labs

Here at Apadmi, we set up our Labs team for exactly this reason. From one of our Ventures start-ups, we put together a team with the focus firmly on machine learning solutions and personalisation: our Almanac project.

This platform brings together large scale analytics, understanding and personalisation, to drive solution success. This is a hugely exciting yet simplistic use of AI, which we’ll be continuing to develop and expand upon over the next few months and years – several of our customers are already piloting aspects of the solution in the real world.

Continuing to Improve our Productivity

Automation is nothing new; we’ve seen how already it’s reduced the average working hours per year per person by 10% over the last 60 years, and we only expect this to continue. Machine learning and AI will no doubt boost this trend (with us all looking forward to a 4-day working week!)

Machine learning isn’t a solution on its own – it’s now widely available thanks to the likes of Amazon, Google and IBM – but with the addition of AI and other aspects of personalisation, we can tailor the user experience in a way we never have before.

The results of the round table will be published by Manchester Digital, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

Garry Partington,
Apadmi Chairman