Podcast: Digital transformation with Softcat

We work with businesses of all industries and sizes to define their mobile strategy. The larger the company though, the bigger the task, and the more frequently that project turns into a full digital transformation roadmap.

Tackling digital transformation with Softcat

Our Head of Client Services Matt Hunt recently sat down with Michael Bird from Softcat to talk about this very challenge. Softcat are one of the UK’s leading IT infrastructure providers, delivering a range of workplace, datacentre, networking and security solutions to a wide variety of organisations.

Matt Hunt on digital transformation

As part of their first podcast series, Explain IT, offering insight, experience and opinion on a variety of tech topics, we looked at digital transformation in business.

Listen below to their fifth episode, where we discuss everything from Christmas tree sellers to the work we did with the NHS in furthering their digital transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • ‘Digital transformation’ is defined as changing the way IT is utilised to achieve your goals – and much quicker. Digital transformation puts organisations in a better position in the marketplace, with the opportunity to create smooth, self-serve experiences for users and customers.
  • When planning a digital transformation strategy, assess your business objectives first and then see how tech can help you get there, rather than looking at the tech first.
  • Do the ground work – you need to prepare your infrastructure, mobilise your users and get them the right devices, sort out your data and get secure! Then look at tech.
  • Get your users on board before you start – embracing culture change is important. By including your users, you’ll end up with a more productive workforce, using tech that they have had a hand in shaping.
  • User experience is king – users expect more from the IT in their workplace. It needs to be on a par with the apps they use outside of work.
  • Just start! Digital transformation is for all organisations from sole traders to large enterprises with benefits for everyone. Don’t get left behind in the digital race.

Head over to the original podcast page on Softcat if you want to listen to more from this series, or check out our NHS case study.