Top 10 traits of a great mobile app developer

Today’s post, written by our own dev team, is all about app development, and what top 10 traits we look for in candidates.

1. Curiosity

“How does that work?” “What is that tool for?” “How can I learn that?”

Simple questions like these may seem trivial, but they’re a great indicator to what kind of mentality you have.

Whether it’s how an animation on your favourite website works, or something more complex like how to build a cross-platform app, these questions show a willingness to learn and an interest that can’t be taught.

2. Tenacity

Are you able to keep working at something when it’s tough, or worse, boring?

As exciting as the technology industry is, every project has periods where you might struggle to find motivation to work through a problem.

You can’t just give up and let the client down – work on a different project for a couple of hours, take a walk or sleep on it, whatever works for you, but be persistent.

3. Passion

Enthusiastic people can make the best developers.

You’ll regularly source other materials to improve your skillset, love learning about the industry, and constantly try out new technologies to hone your craft.

We love this kind of energy in the workplace. It can help lift the rest of the team when they’re struggling, and keep them informed of new tools in the sector.

4. Discerning

Enthusiasm should always be balanced with caution in the right circumstances.

Don’t be afraid of trying new techniques, but rushing into things without thinking introduces risk.

Is that new framework you’re desperate to try the best idea for the project? Will it make life easier, or is there potential to get halfway through and realise it was a mistake?

Try things in small prototype projects as a proof of concept, so you can understand how it works – it’ll also be easier to convince others of its usefulness once it’s proven.

5. Confidence

Confidence is vital – when talking to clients, it’s essential that our developers demonstrate their expertise and authority. Speaking with self-assurance is key to that.

Some people are naturally confident, while others can take time to develop it as their skillset grows, but always take pride in your work and show what you’re capable of.

6. Respect

You might be a highly-skilled developer, but there’s always room to learn and improve. Never dismiss other people because you have confidence in your own abilities.

Think about what they’re saying and discuss it – you never know, you might learn something.

7. Support

We always look out for developers with a supportive nature – we need team players! You’ve got to be ready to help those around you, and this won’t always be through coding.

They might be struggling to keep up with a workload, have family matters on their mind, or perhaps they need moral support for a project and someone to bounce ideas off.

Be there for people in your team – you’ll need them just as much at some point in future.

8. Autonomy

Everyone’s responsible for their own workload, and that means developing several other skills such as organisation and the ability to prioritise.

Your manager may be off ill or on holiday. Requirements won’t always be clear. Being able to make (hopefully wise) decisions without guidance can make you an invaluable asset to any business.

9. ‘Google-fu’

This is more of a skill than a trait, but we’re including it because it’s so important to developers. This term doesn’t mean you know your way around keywords – it’s the ability to find what you’re looking for, quickly.

Being able to glance at an article and decide if it’s worth reading further or dismissing will save a huge amount of time. Knowing which words to mentally pick out and what sources to head for will come with experience, but the faster you develop it, the better.

10. Customer focused

Developers don’t have to be savvy businessmen and women, but those who understand how their job impacts on their company, is hugely valuable to hiring teams.

How will your role affect users, your employer, your client, the people supporting you?

Developers play a crucial part in a much wider picture. If you can see what that is, you’ll perform better in front of customers (understanding what they need and what questions to ask), and in your own reviews, as you’ll be able to identify the key requirements more easily and deliver them.

Don’t forget…

Being a great developer doesn’t mean you need all of the above – in fact, some of our traits deliberately contradict one another.

We like having different viewpoints in our team. We like being challenged.

Only by having a team of honest people with different ideas will your ways of working be constantly tested – that’s how you grow.

If you’re interested in joining us as a developer and learning from the best, take a look at the vacancies we currently have available on our careers pages.