From empowering customers to take their own meter readings, to allowing industry professionals to complete tasks in minutes that previously required weeks of work and expensive equipment, mobile has revolutionised the Utilities sector. But the revolution hasn’t stopped.

As connected devices have expanded mobile functionality, and new technologies (like voice and augmented reality) have become widely available, there are more opportunities for innovation within the Utilities industry now than ever before.

At Apadmi, we believe that the next market leaders in Utilities will be companies that continue to adapt and incorporate the latest technologies, anticipating customer needs and delivering a market-leading experience.

Apadmi as your Utilities technology partner

Thanks to our years of experience, a deep understanding of digital infrastructure and technical expertise, we’re confident that we can identify and solve your business challenges within the Utilities sector.

We can offer a wide range of services and propositions to you and your business, from enhancing customer engagement and using data to improve resource distribution, to helping your business understand ‘The Art of the Possible’ within tech, for true innovation.

What we do

Our services are underpinned by four core pillars: Define, Design, Develop and Drive

Partners in tech

From Microsoft to AWS, we've built up an expansive expert network thanks to our 20+ years in mobile

The latest trends in Utilities app development

With almost 200 technology professionals in our office, Apadmi is constantly buzzing with the latest tech trends in every sector. Here’s a summary of the hottest topics we’ve noticed in Utilities: