Apadmi Asks: Data or design - what’s driving digital products?

Apadmi Marketing Team

by Apadmi Marketing Team|Fri Jan 27 2023

Welcome back to Apadmi Asks, our monthly interview series that brings internal and external experts together for an intimate fireside chat to discuss pressing topics in the world of apps, software development and tech.

Apadmi Asks Series 1 Episode 2 | Data and Design

In the second episode of Apadmi Asks, we take a deep dive into the world of design and data. We wanted to take a step back and really understand how these worlds affect digital products - and what that means for the customers that use them.

Watch the video below for the full conversation. Duration: 19 minutes.

In this episode:

Apadmi Group Content Director Jake Sargent is joined by a trio of talented experts:

    Muktar Mahama, Head of Digital Product, The Very Group

    Matt Harney, Creative Director, Apadmi

    Matt Hunt, Chief Performance Officer, Apadmi

We discuss: 

    Data vs design - which do you focus on if you want to achieve success with your apps and digital products?

    What are the big contemporary challenges in the world of data and design

    How can you use data to inform design - and vice versa?

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