Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest account deletion guidance

Apple’s plans to implement new account deletion rules had originally been set to come into effect by January 31st 2022, but following a deadline extension to June 30th 2022, developers have been given more time to apply vital changes.

According to the guidelines, apps must make it easy for users to fully delete their accounts at any point in time. All personal data must also be deleted along with the account, and the option of temporary deactivation only will not be sufficient.

With the deadline fast approaching, Apple has released some additional guidance to ensure developers are adhering to the new rules. It will be vital for all app creators and developers to consider these or risk their app not passing Apple’s review.

So what are the main takeaways from Apple’s latest guidance? 

    The account deletion option must be easy to find in your app. Usually this option is found in an app’s account settings.

    You must offer to delete the entire account record, along with any personal data. You may include additional options but there has to be an option for permanent deletion.

    Include a clear, direct link to the website where they can complete the deletion process if this is necessary.

    You are able to add steps to confirm that the deletion is intentional, however if you make the process unnecessarily difficult, you risk your app not passing review. 

    Apple accepts that your account deletion process may be manual and take time to complete. However, you must always keep your users informed of this, especially if the deletion request takes additional time to complete. 

    If your app uses Sign in with Apple for account creation, you should use the Sign in with Apple REST API to revoke user tokens.

Unsure if your app will be compliant with these new guidelines?

We’ve been busy ensuring our clients’ apps are aligned with these changes and our experts have been implementing any adjustments as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 

If you need help adhering to Apple’s account deletion rules, do not hesitate to contact us here at Apadmi to find out how we can assist you in making your app compliant. 

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