How Apple’s Live Activities are changing the app landscape

When iOS 16 was announced, there was a plethora of interesting updates; but one that’s really changing the game for apps across a wide range of categories is Live Activities.

This new feature gives apps the ability to keep users updated in a timely manner with notifications on where their food delivery is, the latest scores of a football match or to follow a recipe step by step, all without having to unlock your phone screen, and flick between apps or tabs.

So what are Live Notifications and how do they work? 

Apple explains that “Live Activities is a new feature that helps users stay on top of things that are happening in real-time, such as a sports game, workout, ride-share, or food delivery order, right from the Lock Screen.”

The idea is that a user’s time and energy is saved, as they can stay up to date on a range of activities without having to unlock their phone. The Live Activity updates are received through remote push notifications or from the app itself. Most apps using this feature will have a simple prompt which allows users to turn on these lock screen notifications.

Enhanced UX, enhanced brand perception?

Ultimately, Live Activities make for an enhanced user experience, whilst also keeping your app front and centre on a user’s phone. 

For users, it means more convenience, less hassle and overall time-saving; all of which is appealing to today’s busy users of which an ever-increasing number are experiencing increased burnout rates.

For apps and the businesses behind them, this enhanced UX can also improve brand perception. Any functionality which delivers convenience or time-saving can always help strengthen the connection with your product and your brand.

Who’s doing it best? Our top picks from retail to lifestyle

The feature has already been adopted by a number of apps, big and small.

Lifestyle apps have found a range of ways to implement Live Activities, one that impressed Apadmi’s UX experts is the Nike Running Club app.

The ability to track distance, time, and average pace in real time without having to unlock your phone is extremely convenient for app users and puts the app a cut above similar options without this functionality.

Nike live activities image

Another big app making the most of Live Activities is Uber, which now allows users to see all of the most important information in real-time straight from the lock screen. 

Now that users don’t have to open the app to check how far away the driver is, they can focus on actually looking out for their ride - as well as the kids, commuters or carrying luggage. 

Uber live activities image

In the retail space, there’s also been plenty of uptake. 

Starbucks is allowing users to now track the progress of their in-store order to pick up with Live Activities. Coffee lovers can now see when their order is in process and then ready to be collected, making for an overall smoother sipping experience during a busy lunch break. 

Starbucks live activities image

Financial services apps are also adopting the feature; app Moneybox is using the tool to empower users to stay on top of their spending habits. Users are able to quickly view whenever a new transaction occurs, what the transaction was, and how their spending this month compares to last. 

This not only allows users to keep better track of where their money is going, but also immediately allows users to detect fraudulent activity. 

Moneybox live activities image

Football fans no longer need to fear missing a second of the action. App FotMob can keep fans everywhere up to date second by second on their lock screens with Live Notifications.

Fotmob live activities image

What could you do with Live Activities?

If you have an app that you think might benefit from the use of this exciting Apple functionality, now is the time to act.

Users are just starting to adapt to this enhanced experience and will soon come to expect this level of convenience from apps. Those without an enhanced UX risk being ditched in favour of a competitor who provides a better experience. 

At Apadmi, we specialise in making your digital product the best it can be; our UX experts can help you explore how features such as Live Activities could improve your app and ultimately improve user experience and increase retention and acquisition. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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