Introducing Roxy Harding, Apadmi’s new Learning and Development Business Partner

Roxy Harding close up

At Apadmi, we recognise the importance of supporting those around us, ensuring our focus on growth also applies to our people. 

Our new Learning and Development Business Partner, Roxy Harding, has recently joined our People team; to further ensure that everyone at Apadmi has the support they need to achieve their ambitions. 

Using her knowledge and experience within corporate training and education, she’ll help our people to be the best they can be. 

Welcome to the team Roxy. We’d love to hear about your role at Apadmi and your immediate priorities…

My role at Apadmi is to ensure that everyone has a clear progression plan and one area of focus will be to ensure a world-class induction experience for those new to our business, to guarantee success from day one when people join us. 

It’s important to articulate where we can help individuals in terms of their growth and career. Onboarders will fully integrate into the wider team, understand our values and vision and be excited to be part of our journey. 

Our second priority is heavily focused on personal development, with an emphasis on ongoing and continuous learning. I’m a strong believer in modelling a growth mindset and I strive to instil that in every person that I work with. There's always an opportunity to learn something within this industry and having that willingness to develop is important.

What’s in the pipeline for Learning and Development?

Apadmi currently has five undergraduates and five graduates working within our teams and we fully intend on growing that number in the upcoming months. 

More details will be announced soon but overall plans are to create more in-depth internal training facilities, as well as making Apadmi's expertise available to the broader technology community. We're all really excited about this project! 

What made you want to join Apadmi?

There were two main reasons. Firstly, our Head of People, Laura Herbert - I really bought into her vision and what she wants to accomplish at Apadmi. We were both on the same wavelength from the very beginning and I knew I could learn a lot from her and her experience. 

Secondly, I felt there was a lot of scope for me to make a difference. Apadmi is growing fast and creating a new learning and development department is a great opportunity to make a real impact!

How are you preparing for international growth?

Apadmi has grown significantly over the last two years, growing our headcount by 58%.

Combining our recent expansion overseas with another new office opening in Edinburgh, Apadmi’s focus is continuing to work as one entity, whatever the location. 

It’s important to consider the complexities found when you open up in different countries, whether that’s differing cultural norms or languages to navigate. 

Additionally, it’s important that we continue with our remote-first approach, we offer flexibility for everyone with core working hours to have a working routine that suits them.

It’s vital to strike a balance between development and flexibility, a task that can be eased through the use of e-learning platforms and online collaborative tools.

There are many ways to provide everyone access to the same learning opportunities such as Miro whiteboards, online quizzes and polls, and virtual breakout rooms. These platforms are able to foster a teamwork environment without everyone being in the same room, which is crucial when considering international expansion. 

What about Diversity and Inclusion?

Personalisation is vital to ensuring an inclusive development plan. The aim is for everyone at Apadmi to have a truly personalised and tailored development plan, that they co-create and take ownership of. This means that absolutely everybody, no matter their place in the organisation or their route into their chosen career. 

In your short time at Apadmi so far, what has struck you most about the business?

Without a doubt it’s been how friendly everybody is - I felt really welcomed from the very beginning! I have noticed already that if you have a good idea or a way to improve something, people are very open to hearing about it.

If you want to find out more about joining the Apadmi adventure, get in touch or check out our current job openings here.

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