The App Store has updated its submission requirements, here’s everything you need to know

by Tom Hyne-Test Analyst|Mon Apr 25 2022

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Apple recently sent a reminder to developers about an upcoming change in the requirements for submitting apps to the App Store. From yesterday, all new apps being submitted to the Apple App Store must be built with Xcode 13 – the latest version of the SDK available.

What does this potentially mean for your app?

If your app is built using Xcode 12 or older you won't be able to submit any future builds to the App Store.  Meaning no feature updates, critical bug fixes, or maintenance releases can be completed from the 25th of April. 

If this isn’t updated accordingly, this could cause problems such as:

    A halt on all future planned app releases

    A delay in fixing any bugs that may arise due to the extra time needed to test and fix releases against the new version of Xcode

How did Apadmi prepare for the update?

Apadmi’s Managed Services team were on top of this long before Apple’s announcement in mid-March. For the last month, we’ve been updating our clients’ apps to use the latest version of Xcode within our regular maintenance cycles; to make sure that they were kept up to date with the latest SDKs for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8. 

Our Managed Services team regularly completes feature updates, hotfixes and maintenance releases for our clients, so staying up to date with these requirements is of paramount importance for us.

We assisted our clients by: 

    Building their app against the latest version of Xcode 

    Testing the build in isolation to verify its success

    Releasing apps built against Xcode 13 long before the deadline

Ensuring our clients could sit back and relax come the 25th!

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