What to expect from Apple’s Peek Performance event

by Apadmi|Mon Mar 07 2022

Apple laptop

Ahead of Apple’s major product announcement, we talk to some of Apadmi’s great minds to discuss predictions, theories and musings on what might be the latest talking points from Apple HQ.

Gary Butcher - Chief Technical Officer 

“I’d be lying if I wasn’t all in on the hype around AR and mixed reality. Personally I’d love to see what is possible given Apadmi’s history of building commercial products in this space.

Apple likes to keep the cycle going on hardware and these March events have always had the potential for them to launch a major line away from their powerhouse App Developer Conference (WWDC) in September.

“Apadmi is intrinsically linked to the success of companies like Apple because they helped to create the market we play in. They have the ability to shape the whole industry - just look at what has happened with Meta’s share price - so when Apple and Google make a move on standards in security, privacy, speed, performance, CX, hardware etc, our teams are ready to move.”

Rebecca Stephenson - Head of Product 

“There will almost certainly be an iPhone update, but personally I would like to know about iMacs. I’m also excited about how they plan to use their platforms to continue pushing the overall Apple customer experience. Any new features of course adds more value to our product users, which can only be a good thing. It’s really about how we prepare and understand the areas we need to test for our clients and products.”

Patrick Cavanagh - Technical Lead 

“We’re getting towards the business end of the two years in which Apple said it would take to transition fully away from Intel chips, so we might see some of the final macs ticked off on that list.

“This transition will establish a common architecture across all Apple products, making it far easier for developers to write and optimise their apps for the entire ecosystem. A nice little bonus.”

Matt Morgan - Software Engineer 

“The part I am most interested in would be the new iPhone SE, because if it’s done right, it could be great competition for the mid-range Android devices available which have continued to get better and better since the last SE was released. I hope the design is refreshed though, as the old one is looking dated in comparison to other iPhones.” 

“The SE hit the market just as lockdown restrictions reached important markets such as the US. A $399 starting price point makes the iPhone SE an attractive new device, especially in the face of continued economic uncertainty. So it’s very likely that Apple will capitalise on this with some nice new updates. 

Kieron Quinn - Senior Software Engineer

Cnet suggests here that there could be a possible new iMac, which would be exciting given the insane chips in Macs nowadays, with Apple really pushing the boundaries on CPU performance.

“In terms of learning, I think it's a good reminder that the SE, and the smaller form factor in general, is still popular. It's tempting to design and build for larger and larger devices, with foldables beginning to appear as a mainstream product. Seemingly everyone has a huge smartphone nowadays, but there is clearly a demand for smaller phones, not only with the SE, but with the "mini" iPhones too.”

Jess Hill - Product marketing executive

“There's definitely a lot of excitement around what's to come in the Apple roadmap. With this being Apple's first product event of 2022 we can't wait for a sneak peek into what new products they'll be announcing. Learning about any new Apple features puts us in the best place to support our clients in optimising their apps and making sure they reach their full potential.”

The apple event can be viewed at 6:00 PT on Tuesday, March 8 live here.

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