Leveraging data to improve product performance




5:30 PM


Salford Quays, Manchester

Harnessing your data can drastically improve your digital product; from allowing you to make decisions with more precision, to making UX more personalised, to identifying and addressing performance holes and improving data governance. 

Apadmi is hosting a panel of tech experts to explore the latest data trends, as well as showing you how to leverage your data to improve product performance and better meet customer needs.

We will be covering a range of data topics including but not limited to:

- What data should you measure?

- Can you become blind to metric gathering - the danger of gathering data without purpose

- How to maximise performance and engagement

- How to create a squad that can effectively use data

We will soon be announcing special guest speakers from a variety of leading brands. Previous speakers have hailed from the likes of Co-op, Kellogg’s, Domino’s Pizza, Natwest, Decathlon and Barnardo’s.

Data event promo image | March 2024


Join us for soft and alcoholic drinks, food and networking with panellists and fellow industry peers before we dive into an evening of insights and learning.

    17:30 - Doors open for drinks, food and networking 

    18:00 - Welcome from Apadmi 

    18:10 - Panel discussion with Q&A from audience 

    19:00 - Wrap-up and more opportunity for more networking & drinks

Meet the speakers

Nina Dunwoody | Headshot
Nina Dunwoody
Senior Delivery Manager, Pets at Home
Speaker silhouette Male
Special guest
To be announced
Speaker silhouette female
Special guest
To be announced

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