Who’s driving the digital change in financial services?

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Creating effective digital products and platforms is integral to the success of any business and the financial services industry is no different. But what does digital transformation look like in a sector which is more regulated than most?

Apadmi has partnered with Censuswide to find out.

By conducting a survey of 250 businesses across funds and investment, accounting, financial advice, banking, and insurance, we’ve created an insightful view of how digital transformation is being tackled in financial services.

Key findings include businesses with leaders who are younger than 45 are 23% more likely to undertake digital transformation.

To learn more about how much is being spent, what the barriers are and whether all this change is having an impact, download our comprehensive infographic of the results here.

What's Inside?

The digital transformation landscape in Financial Services

This infographic looks at how much is being spent, and what the spending blockers are for leading companies in the financial services space.

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