Android Spring Update

Android Spring Update: Our thoughts

Last week, Android shared a new blog post, ‘Your Android is now even safer — and 5 other new features’ where they detailed six new features for Android devices that will be appearing throughout Spring. 

The announcement was a quick read with a couple of interesting highlights; we think these innovations could open up new opportunities in app development and hint at some growing trends in the market.

What did Android announce?

The Android announcement covered six brand-new features for the platform:

What Apadmi thought…

It’s easy to spot around the Apadmi office when a new Android or Apple release lands, as the air (albeit virtual at the moment) is filled with passionate discussions over every feature. 

We caught up with a few of our mobile experts during the excitement to get their thoughts on the new release…

Our predictions for what comes next

We also asked our Devs for their predictions on future Android updates and trends to keep an eye on in 2021…

If you think any of these updates could be valuable to your business and want to discuss how you could implement them, please get in touch with Apadmi using the contact form below. 

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