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#SportTechTalk: In conversation with Phoebe Schecter, the UK’s first female NFL coach

After the success of our first Apadmi #SportsTechTalk with Richard Lang, founder of Spok’d, we’re continuing our series with another guest from the pro-sports world: Phoebe Schecter, the UK’s first female NFL coach.  This #SportTechTalk looks at Phoebe’s journey into the pro-sport industry, her relationship with her team, The Buffalo Bills, and her presence as a woman within a heavily male-dominated industry.  Together, Phoebe and Apadmi’s David Stevenson look into the technology that’s bringing real-time insights from live gameplay to the sidelines for instant analysis.

More about Phoebe Schecter


Phoebe has become an ambassador for sport around the world, striving for greater inclusion and representation within the traditionally male-dominated game of American football.

After rising through the ranks of the British American Football Association (BAFA), she made the transition across the pond to coach the Buffalo Bills in 2017.

However, Phoebe still finds time for the rising stars on the British scene, as she’s now the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee within BAFA, and has taken to the field for the Birmingham Lions many times. 

Apadmi’s Big Sport Announcement

This instalment of our sports series comes after the announcement of our most recent sports partnership: Chelsea Digital Ventures, the scalable digital investment arm of Chelsea Football Club. We’re excited to watch this partnership evolve and we have lots more information to share in the new year – watch this space. 

If you’d like to find out more about our partnerships with some of the UK’s leading brands and sports initiatives, contact us.

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