Going Mobile: The Only Retail Report You Need To Read This Year

Introducing our 2021 retail report

  • Exclusive retail research into the market post-covid – Featuring the opinions of over 1000 consumers.
  • Insights from major retail brands on their mobile strategy – Including the Co-op, Eastpak, Argos and Lexus.
  • An action plan to increase revenue by building a mobile-first strategy – With m-commerce sales growing by 169% year-on-year.
  • Tips from Apadmi’s seasoned mobile professionals – our experienced team shared their industry insight.
  • Advice for a post-covid action plan – Key takeaways to adapt and thrive in today’s retail environment.

Our retail insights

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen longstanding brands like Bonmarché, Bensons for Beds, Debenhams, DW Sports, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Monsoon and Victoria’s Secret all suffer in the British retail market due to the effects of the pandemic. In The State of Retail Post-Covid, we examine the main challenges facing retailers in 2021 and how Going Mobile: The Only Retail Report You Need To Read This Year can offer support.

It’s a bright summer’s day and you’re finally ready to hit the shops again. No mask. No hand sanitiser. No Covid. What does that look like? What will retail look like post-Covid and how will different retailers respond to the changing demands of their customers? In Tour the Future of Retail we take you through three different future shopping experiences based on current trends within retail technology.

As part of our work in conversion optimisation, Apadmi has explored the power of single customer views and how they can create a unified customer experience within our mobile solutions. This technology holds the power to unlock high conversion rates across a wide variety of sectors, particularly in retail. In The Power of Interconnect Retail Experiences, we apply single customer views to the retail sector and look at how they can be used to improve customer loyalty and spend.

We're retail experts

Apadmi have been working with leading retailers for over 20 years

What do the experts have to say?

“Customer behaviour continually changes and the pandemic accelerated a shift towards hyper-convenient services with minimal effort. This was obviously felt through growth in eCommerce, but more nuanced was the shift towards shopping local which enables customers to still achieve same-day convenience but with the added benefit of supporting their local community. This is a relatively untapped space from a mobile perspective and is one to watch.”

Adam Warburton, Head of Digital Products, Co-op

“Traditionally, when we’ve spoken about world-class mobile experiences, that conversation has been around the functionality of the platform or website. World-class now needs to be fast, it needs to be seamless, it needs to enable people to buy products as quickly as possible. It needs to show what the brand stands for. It’s the full package.”

Chris Delahunty, Digital Marketing Director, Eastpak

Executive Summary

The Key Stats From Going Mobile: The Only Retail Report You Need To Read This Year

To protect your business you need to act now, our report has identified the following areas that you need to discuss with the key stakeholders within your company as soon as possible:

  • The issues shoppers care about have changed. Safety and security, 24/7 availability and rewards are now their top priorities.
  • 1 in 5 consumers say the most important value a retailer can offer is a mobile app.
  • New experiences such as virtual reality, social commerce and mobile-assisted in-store shopping are firmly set expectations of consumers.
  • 28% of shoppers say they would spend more money with a brand that offers a world-class mobile experience.
  • 41% of shoppers reported they would be more loyal to a brand that delivered a top-notch mobile experience.

Collectively, these cultural shifts point towards a mobile-dominant future.

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